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Eagles News: Brandon Brooks explains how his Achilles injury happened

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/17/20.

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Brandon Brooks: The work doesn’t stop because of injury - PFT
“I’ve noticed a lot of people wondering how it happened, so let me be clear: I was doing 60-yard shuttles and on seven of eight, I went to touch the line, push off and POP,” Brooks wrote. “That being said the work doesn’t stop because of an injury. The direction I’ll continue to move is forward. All love.”

Special: Brandon Brooks Out for 2020 - BGN Radio
Michael Kist gives his reaction to the news of Brandon Brooks’ injury that will keep the Eagles pro bowl guard out for the 2020 season.

The First Injury - Iggles Blitz
Pryor has the size and strength to be an effective starting guard in the NFL. He has the potential to be a good run blocker. He shows moments of being a stud. Pass blocking is the big issue. That requires a mixture of skill and athleticism. Pryor doesn’t have great skill right now and he’s an average athlete at best. Jeff Stoutland can coach up Pryor and develop him into an effective pass blocker. “Can” is the crucial word there. Obviously, there are no guarantees when it comes to young players. Stoutland is a big fan of Pryor’s and would likely push for his young guy to get a chance to show what he can do. Nothing will be given to Pryor. Rookie Jack Driscoll was brought in to be the swing tackle, but could be a natural fit at guard. I previously compared him to John Welbourn, who was a terrific guard for the Eagles from 2000-2003.

Eagles legend Tra Thomas, OL expert: Jason Peters isn’t likely to replace Brandon Brooks -
Former Eagles left tackle Tra Thomas says the move for Peters would create more questions than answers at the position. “It’s extremely difficult,” Thomas told NJ Advance Media. “First of all, he hasn’t been in a right-handed stance in years ... Being able to get used to being on the opposite side of the field, when you’ve been in a left-handed stance for 15 years now, there’s a lot of muscle memory that goes into that. Two, you’re going to say you’ve got to switch to right (side) and bump down to guard? That’s asking a whole lot from someone with this quick turnaround of time because in a (few) weeks you’re in training camp ... That (expletive) ain’t easy.”

’It’s time to take my game to a new level.’ Matt Pryor an option at RG -
“I felt it kind of helped me escalate my game,” said Pryor on Tuesday. You can listen to the full interview in Wednesday’s Eagles Insider Podcast, as we take a deep dive into Pryor and the picture at right guard. “Of course in practice, you’re going against some of the greatest D-linemen in the league … and after a while in practice you kind of get a feel for what you’re doing so you can go into a game and take what you learned in practice from being on the ‘look’ (scout) team and try to get your bearings. I still feel like I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m glad to have so much experience around me on the O-line.”

Brandon Brooks Tears Achilles - Over The Cap
The cost to cut Brooks on the cap next year would be $12.25 million, a savings of $2.3 million, assuming he can pass a physical by the start of the year. While that is not the outcome anyone wants it’s just to point out that it would not be the catastrophe that some may be making this out to be. There would also be room to negotiate a salary down. It’s a net cap loss of $3 million from the 2019 to 2021 period compared to the scenario of not extending at all. The point is the Eagles do have options provided Brooks can rehab from the second tear. If he can not it is a different story but generally players do recover from this and he has about 9 months before any real protection kicks in on the contract for 2021. That should be enough time to get back if surgery and rehab go well at the start.

Brandon Brooks’ injury creates the latest and greatest challenge for him and the Eagles - Inquirer
This would be the riskiest course of action, of course – there’s no guarantee that any of those linemen would be a competent right guard over a full NFL season – but it’s one that the Eagles have to use more in the future. Carson Wentz isn’t on his rookie contract anymore, and any NFL franchise that aspires to remain a Super Bowl contender for a lengthy period of time has to replenish its roster with younger, cost-effective talent. Before Monday, the Eagles had the luxury of waiting to see how many of those players might pan out, if any of them. Brandon Brooks was that luxury. Now he’s gone. He has come back before, but the challenge is even greater this time, for him and for his team.

What Doug Pederson said and what it means: Brandon Brooks, Alshon Jeffery, more - The Athletic
The Brooks news is still very fresh, so it makes sense the Eagles are evaluating their options. If we want to parse, Pederson’s answer doesn’t come across as a full-throated endorsement of the group they currently have in place, but he’s also not going to come right out and say “Sua Opeta is our starting right guard” in June. The bet here is that the Eagles will add a low-level veteran to the competition mix, with the hope that one or two of the young contenders wins the job.

Early 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Wide receivers - Fake Teams
48) Jalen ReagorCarson Wentz needs to throw the ball to someone in Philly who can catch and stay healthy.

Eagles’ Rodney McLeod talks racism, Colin Kaepernick and what’s next - ESPN
Do you share Malcolm Jenkins’ sentiment on Colin Kaepernick — whether it be an apology or a roster spot — that the NFL’s words right now don’t mean much? [...] He was one of the first to draw attention to what we’re speaking on and talking about right now: police brutality and systemic racism. He explained himself many times and still his voice was not heard, and then after a while it was forced into silence, which is sad to see because maybe if we continued advocating for a lot of these issues, would George Floyd still be alive? We don’t know how much progress we could have made. ... It’s important to acknowledge Kaepernick and his efforts, because he did sacrifice. My hat goes off to him and I’m hoping that they do something. [In a conversation with Mike Greenberg for ESPN’s The Return of Sports special on Monday night, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said it would be up to a team to sign Kaepernick and said he welcomes Kaepernick’s voice on discussions of social issues.]

5 Philadelphia Eagles who can’t regress in 2020 - PennLive
CB Darius SlaySlay was the Eagles’ big-ticket addition through a trade with the Detroit Lions and a subsequent contract extension. There was some analysis that indicated his play slipped in 2019, but Slay thinks that is greatly exaggerated. The 29-year-old intercepted two passes and broke up 13 last season, and he made his third straight Pro Bowl. The Eagles overhauled their secondary in free agency, and much of it seems to hinge on Slay remaining a shutdown corner, something the Birds haven’t had recently.

State Your Case: Russ Craft, one of the NFL’s most versatile players - Talk Of Fame Network
The NFL has always placed a premium on versatility. The more a player can do, the more value he has to his team. That was especially true in the 1940s when NFL rosters consisted of just 33 players – and the Philadelphia Eagles had the most versatile player in the league in Russ Craft. In fact, there have been few players in the league’s history as versatile as Craft. Craft played both ways, as a halfback on offense and cornerback on defense. He also returned both punts and kickoffs for the Eagles, held for placement kicks and served as the personal protector on punts. He also spent his entire career covering both punts and kickoffs on the kicking downs.

Marquise Goodwin will be featured in an E:60 Father’s Day Special - Niners Nation
Goodwin went through a lot during his time in San Francisco. While we’re aware, it’s impossible to understand what Goodwin went through unless you’ve experienced the same type of tragedy and trauma. It is easy to empathize with him and his family, and that’s why I’ll be tuning in. Goodwin and his wife Morgan will speak about their experiences and what they’ve gone through over the past few seasons.

Can the Redskins pass rushers dominate the NFC East in 2020? - Hogs Haven
Brandon Graham was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1st round of the 2010 draft. A productive yet unspectacular presence on the Eagles’ edge for the last 10 years, Graham has generally notched 5-9 sacks per season. Having watched him in the Eagles’ recent “All Or Nothing” documentary, he also seems to be an important leader and veteran voice in the locker room. Graham wins with strong, active hands and relentless pursuit of the ball carrier. He is built like a bowling ball and does not have the most elite athletic traits, but makes up for it with grit, tenacity, and technique. Most of his statistical production comes against lesser NFL talent, but even against good teams he can make plays with his persistence and constant focus on tracking down the ball-carrier and never giving up on the play. He will often get stonewalled by good OL in 1-on-1 matchups though, where his lack of elite athletic traits is apparent. Graham is a sure tackler, but is not difficult to evade due to his stiff hips and poor lateral agility. He is best used as a missile driving straight to the ball carrier, using his hands and patience to defeat opponents along the way.

Aldrick Rosas’ arrest: New York Giants’ placekicker allegedly involved in hit-and-run - Big Blue View
New York Giants placekicker Aldrick Rosas has been arrested after allegedly t-boning a car and then leaving the scene. TMZ was the first to report the arrest. The Giants issued the following statement: “We are aware of the situation and have been in contact with Aldrick. We have no further comment at this time.”

ESPN named Eli Manning as the NFC East All-Decade Team quarterback of the last decade - Blogging The Boys
There are... a number of things to discuss here. It is hard to move past the first one, though. How on earth could a group of people that watched the last decade of NFC East football think that Eli Manning was the best quarterback in it?

Can the Bears Find Their Way Out of No-Man’s-Land? - The Ringer
If we limit the possible timelines to outcomes that seem feasible, though, the ideal end game would probably involve Foles wrestling the starting job from Trubisky in training camp and entering the season as Chicago’s undisputed starter. Earlier this spring, another NFL executive with his eye on the QB market brought up an interesting point in the Foles vs. Dalton debate. Both guys struggled in 2019, and Foles has been brutal in the regular season. But can also get red-hot when it matters most. The allure of catching that wave is real.

2021 Pro Bowl lands in Las Vegas - DraftKings Nation
The 2021 NFL Pro Bowl will be played at Allegiant Stadium, new home to the Las Vegas Raiders. After losing the 2020 NFL Draft to coronavirus, the NFL likely wanted to makeup for the loss in revenue and promotion. The game will again be filled with no tackling and will look nothing like real football. The week of festivities are likely to be more entertaining for fans and players alike. They will again have a skills challenge and the NFL FLAG Championship games, which are more watchable than the Pro Bowl itself.

The most expensive video games right now might be sitting in your basement - SB Nation
Everyone has their favorite sports video game. The scuffed copy of NBA Jam Tournament Edition you jammed in your Super Nintendo more times than you can count, Madden NFL 2004 where Michael Vick was so broken you could rack up 300 yard rushing with ease, or NCAA Football 14, a final chance to remember how amazing college football games could be. These memories are valuable. They’re worth everything to you — but the open market has other ideas. There are so old, bizarre sports games that could be sitting in a box in your parents’ attic right now worth enough to pay off your student loans, or at least a month or two rent. Similarly there are objectively some sports games so horrifically awful history deemed them to be worth absolutely nothing.

Why a second round of Covid-19 lockdowns might not be as effective - Vox
Several states are now seeing a surge in new Covid-19 coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. And the states with more alarming outbreaks — Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Florida, and Tennessee — generally saw few cases early in the pandemic. Many of these states have started to relax the restrictions on movement, businesses, and public gatherings that were meant to control the spread of Covid-19. But with infections rising, there will be more illnesses, deaths, and financial hardships for people who have already suffered immensely from this pandemic. If cases continue to rise and threaten to overwhelm the health system, officials may be faced with a daunting prospect: another round of shutdowns, requiring businesses that have reopened to close, public gatherings to be banned again, and stay-at-home orders to go back in effect.


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