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Bryce Harper is ready to play for the Eagles

The answer at RG?! (Nah.)

Image via Bryce Harper’s Instagram story.

With MLB commissioner Rob Manfred saying he is “not confident” there will be a 2020 baseball season, Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper is giving some thought to playing for the Eagles instead.

Okay, so that’s obviously not going to actually happen. But Harper is having fun with the idea on social media.

He followed the preceding tweet by posting this image on his Instagram story (via @nsartanddesign):

Harper appeared on Lane Johnson’s “Outside The Lane” Instagram show this past Friday and said the following:

“Man, you know what, if baseball doesn’t come back, I’ll just go play for the Eagles.

Harper also talked about his experience playing fullback and outside linebacker growing up. But maybe he could also help out at wide receiver?

It’s too bad the 6-3, 220 pound Harper isn’t a viable option at right guard in the aftermath of Brandon Brooks’ season-ending injury.

Harper was previously a Dallas Cowboys fan but he knew he couldn’t get away with pulling that off in Philly. He’s been wise to embrace the Eagles.

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