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Two Eagles players are inviting kids to work out with them in Philly next week

Will you be trying to join?

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Are you a young defensive back looking to work out with two Philadelphia Eagles players? If so, you just might be in luck. New secondary members Darius Slay and Will Parks are inviting kids to join them somewhere in Philly next week.

Slay has previously been working out with kids in the Detroit area:

Slay and Parks aren’t making their workout details publicly known for obvious reasons. If you’re looking to join them, you’ll have to slide into their DMs (that’s “direct messages” for the uninitiated) on Twitter and hope they respond. I imagine sending them some proof that you’re actually an aspiring defensive back should help out in that regard.

If you’re lucky enough to get selected and you actually end up working out with them, I’d like to hear how your experience went. You can reach out to me by DMing me on Twitter (@BrandonGowton) or emailing me: brandon.gowton(at)

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