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ESPN writers from Eagles’ opponent teams predict Philadelphia’s 2020 record

Outsider perspective.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Everyone has made their way-too-early record predictions for the upcoming season now that the 2020 NFL schedule is out. I have the Eagles finishing at 10-6. ESPN Eagles reporter Tim McManus also has them at 10-6.

In the interest of viewing a non-Eagles perspective on Philly’s outlook, I went through the game-by-game predictions from the ESPN writer for each of the Eagles’ 2020 opponents. Here are the results.

Week 1 at Washington - EAGLES LOSE

Week 2 vs. Los Angeles Rams - EAGLES WIN

Week 3 vs. Cincinnati Bengals - EAGLES WIN

Week 4 at San Francisco 49ers - EAGLES WIN

Week 5 at Pittsburgh Steelers - EAGLES LOSE

Week 6 vs. Baltimore Ravens - EAGLES WIN

Week 7 vs. New York Giants - EAGLES WIN

Week 8 vs. Dallas Cowboys - EAGLES WIN

Week 9 - BYE

Week 10 at New York Giants - EAGLES LOSE

Week 11 at Cleveland Browns - EAGLES WIN

Week 12 vs. Seattle Seahawks - EAGLES LOSE

Week 13 at Green Bay Packers - EAGLES WIN

Week 14 vs. New Orleans Saints - EAGLES WIN

Week 15 at Arizona Cardinals - EAGLES WIN

Week 16 at Dallas Cowboys - EAGLES LOSE

Week 17 vs. Washington - EAGLES WIN


Here’s how ESPN writers have had the Eagles finishing in previous years:

2016 — 5-11
2017 — 7-9
2018 — 11-5
2019 — 10-6

Compare those to the team’s actual records:

2016 — 7-9
2017 — 13-3
2018 — 9-7
2019 — 9-7

Clearly not the most accurately predictive activity. Still, it’s interesting to see how people not wearing midnight green glasses view the Eagles.

These projections have the Eagles getting some real big wins: at San Fran, vs. Baltimore, at Green Bay, vs. Saints. Of course, they also only have the Eagles going 3-3 in the division, which doesn’t really make sense. If the Eagles are good enough to beat those tough teams, they’re probably at least going 4-2 in the NFC East.

The Eagles are viewed favorably from a national perspective. Will the team live up to those expectations?

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