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Carson Wentz says the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts ‘didn’t really concern me’

Plus, the Eagles’ QB talks new wide receivers and recovering from the concussion.

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The Eagles still aren’t at the NovaCare Complex but they did start their virtual offseason workout program last week. Quarterback Carson Wentz spoke to the media on Monday afternoon about his thoughts on the NFL Draft, the Jalen Hurts pick, and what the offseason might look like.

Here’s what the franchise QB had to say:

On the Jalen Hurts pick

“I’m excited to add him to the team. I know how important the quarterback position is. I know how important the dynamic is in that room.”

Wents said that he’s heard nothing but great things about Hurts, and they did speak briefly since Hurts was drafted. He emphasized that he’s excited to add Hurts and have a healthy, competitive environment.

“It didn’t really concern me,” Wentz noted of his initial reaction to the pick. “I knew there was a chance we’d want to draft someone, given how the roster is.”

He went on to explain that the team showed their investment in his last year, and by signing the deal, Wentz showed his trust in Howie Roseman and management. So, now, he’s all about strengthening the position and group that they have.

Wentz wouldn’t go into detail about what sharing the field with Hurts might look like, or discuss what Doug Pederson might be cooking up for the gameplan.

“We’ll see how that all plays out. We haven’t gotten too deep into the playbook.”

The quarterback just wants to win, however they have to do that and whatever it looks like, he’s on board. Wentz said he’s a competitor and wants to be on the field, but he has confidence the coaches will put them in the best position to win.

Wentz doesn’t really consider the pick extra motivation, just because he’s as motivated as ever with the way his and the team’s season ended. He’s already got high expectations.

The QB did speak to Nate Sudfeld, and the expected No. 2 is confident in himself and whenever they get back on the field, he’s eager to prove himself. Wentz is excited for the competition between all four of the quarterbacks.

On the WR group after the draft

He didn’t worry about Jalen Hurts being picked in the second round and that potentially being a pick that could have been a skill player, “I trust their decision”.

He’s extremely pumped to get to work with Jalen Raegor and the rest of the guys, including Marquise Goodwin, someone that Wentz has watched for years. The QB is excited for Goodwin’s speed and the dynamic he’ll bring to the Eagles’ offense.

Wentz also talked about the wide receivers that were drafted, and noted that they definitely added some speed and explosiveness, and he’s excited to be able to get creative to ge those guys involved.

“It’s going to be tough,” Wentz noted about the limited offseason. He said that the second they added these new pieces for the offense, he wanted to get to work.

It’s going to be a challenge to develop chemistry and timing with this kind of offseason and so many new players, but they aren’t the only team dealing with it. They’re doing the best they can and taking it one day at a time. Wentz said that it’s an unprecedented situation, so there’s no right or wrong way, and they’ll try to find ways to link up as they can.

He also said that he’s excited for the diversity and variety of receivers they now have on the roster, with different speeds and sizes, he’s excited to see what they can do.

On the Seahawks game and his injury

“Obviously, I’ve had some time now to reflect on that. It’s frustrating. I’ve said it before about injuries, it’s an unfortunate part of the game. But this one felt different.”

He said that as players they know what risk is involved, but head injuries are always scary. Not being able to finish that game with his teammates was tough. Wentz was extremely proud of the team and how they rallied to get to that point, but it was disappointing.

He wouldn’t dive into specifics with his injury — about staying in the game and then notifying medical staff —, but he could confirm that he had a concussion and was dealing with symptoms. He’s in a good place now.

Other notables

  • He’s not quite sure how being a father will change him in a locker room setting, but it’s already changed his perspective on life. Wentz said he’ll just have to wait and see how it might translate to himself as a leader.
  • The QB said he’s only had brief interaction with new senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello — Wentz only made it to one meeting since he was in the hospital for his daughter’s birth — but he’s excited to add more knowledgeable minds to the organization, and can’t wait to see how they can be more dynamic and explosive as an offense.

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