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6 things to know about new Eagles veteran speedster Marquise Goodwin

49ers perspective on Philadelphia’s new WR.

San Francisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles acquired Marquise Goodwin during the 2020 NFL Draft by merely moving down 20 spots in the sixth round from No. 190 to No. 210. Talk about a low cost trade.

In order to learn more about Philly’s new veteran wide receiver, I thought it’d benefit BGN readers to get a San Francisco 49ers perspective on Goodwin. Here’s my exchange with the knowledgeable Kyle Posey of Niners Nation.

1 - Can you recap Marquise Goodwin’s time with the 49ers?

Goodwin was at his best toward the end of ‘17 when he and Jimmy Garoppolo built a connection. Aside from those few games, it was hit and miss with the speedy receiver. Goodwin was too inconsistent for what the 49ers needed on offense, and eventually, he was phased out of the offense midseason of last year.

2 - What’s the reaction to the 49ers moving on from him?

There was no animosity toward Goodwin. We all understood he wasn’t going to have a role in 2020 and was likely to be cut. I think we all appreciated general manager John Lynch finding a good home for Marquise, and that’s exactly what Philadelphia is.

3 - What are Goodwin’s strengths? Anything beyond just speed?

Goodwin will make defenses respect his speed. He’s not just fast; he’s Olympic-level fast. Goodwin hinted at trying out for the 2020 Olympics during the summer of 2019. He also won the NFL’s 40 yards of Gold, which went to the fastest player in the league. He would have had better numbers had Jimmy G not underthrown Goodwin on a few routes last season. Other than speed, there isn’t much else he brought to the 49ers, but that doesn’t mean Philly can’t get more out of Marquise.

4 - What are Goodwin’s weaknesses?

Goodwin struggled to get open on underneath routes and didn’t do well when he had to make plays through contact. Those issues limited Goodwin to strictly vertical routes in San Francisco.

5 - What do you think is a reasonable expectation for him in 2020?

The Eagles are a better fit for Goodwin, but it’s tough to know what he’ll be asked to do other than stretch the field. If you guys can figure out how to get more than 500 yards out of Goodwin, Howie Roseman deserves a plaque.

6 - Anything else to know about him off the field?

Goodwin was in Tiger King! As I mentioned, he also has a track and field background. He’s gone through some incredibly tragic events over the past couple of years. Goodwin lost a child as well as a family member, so everyone always rooted for the best outcome for Goodwin.

BLG’s take: Goodwin isn’t a lock to make the roster but his experience could give him a leg up on some of the Eagles’ rookie receivers, especially with the lack of a normal offseason. Goodwin could see some rotational playing time on offense as well as serving as DeSean Jackson injury insurance. It’s also possible injuries will continue to plague Goodwin, who turns 30 in November. In any case, Howie Roseman made the right call to take a shot on him at such a low cost.


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