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Eagles’ Mount Rushmore: All-Time greats

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

We continue our Memorial Day mini-series of Eagles’ eras Mount Rushmores with picks for the All-Time greatest from the franchise. BGN’s Community Manager Justin Goodhart already broke down his (worst) choices for the Chip Kelly era, and best players from the Doug Pederson era.

We want your input, too! So agree, disagree, and give us your picks in the comments!

Back in 2013, BGN covered ProFootballTalk’s choices for the All-Time Eagles’ Mount Rushmore: Chuck Bednarik, Andy Reid, Reggie White and Steve Van Buren.

Since then, Philadelphia has seen a number of potential Hall of Famer’s come through the locker room, and a coach not named Andy Reid led the team to their first Super Bowl win. With all that said, we thought we’d re-evaluate who should be featured on the All-Time monument.

Justin Goodhart

Choosing the All-Time great Philadelphia Eagles players is harder than it seems because of how many there are. There are obvious players that need to be on this and it has been seven years since BGN had an unveiling of the first edition of the Eagles Mount Rushmore. Things have changed and it is time for an update!

For my All-Time Mount Rushmore I think the four best choices are:

  • Chuck Bednarik
  • Brian Dawkins
  • Reggie White
  • Tommy McDonald

Concrete Charlie is the only player on my list that played his entire career in Philadelphia. He played on offense and defense at linebacker and center. He killed Frank Gifford, there’s a freaking photo of him in a knight’s armor and a sword. No question, Chuck Bednarik is maybe the first face you think of when you think of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brian Dawkins is arguably a top five safety of all time in NFL history. During his Hall of Fame speech, he discussed the struggles he had and how he was able to overcome them. Not only did he play his heart out every Sunday and make play after play, so many of our great defensive highlights that we look back on come from Dawkins himself.

Reggie is a no brainer, no explanation needed, quite simply he is the greatest defensive lineman to ever play football.

Tommy McDonald was a 5’9 player that was the greatest receiver in the NFL for his time. He was the Larry Fitzgerald of the 1950s and 60s. He was that dominant in a time when you were allowed to be way more physical with receivers. Also… the guy brought a boombox to his own hall of fame ceremony, that’s just amazing.

I think in time, Doug Pederson will be on this mountain, but having only been here for four seasons I can’t give him the nod just yet, but I do think he is the greatest coach in Eagles history.

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