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Jason Peters believes he can play into his 40s

Not ready to hang ‘em up.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Jason Peters is continuing to make it known he intends on playing in 2020 and perhaps beyond. NFL insider Mike Garafolo has the latest update on the free agent offensive tackle:

“His status is he’s 38 years old. However, he’s told friends recently that ‘if Tom Brady can play into his 40s, I can play into my 40s, I feel great.’ So the former Philadelphia Eagles left tackle still out there, sending out workout videos to let people know he feels really good, he’s moving really good, and the Eagles kinda knew this when they announced — what was it, two months ago? — that they were moving on from Peters, basically, they still did leave the door open for a possible return and I’m told those sides have been in communication. Nothing really happening right now [...] there are some other teams involved right now. No one seems to be in a great rush. Peters doesn’t seem to be in a great rush. But something could happen with one of these teams in the near future, I guess.

We heard last week that Peters “has spoken with the Eagles, but is keeping his options open.” Garafolo is confirming as much while also noting (via James Palmer) that the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Denver Broncos are lurking on the Peters market.

It was said that Peters isn’t in a rush to sign but these recent reports might suggest otherwise. It sure seems like Peters’ camp is trying to emphasize that there’s a competitive market for the veteran’s services. Such an effort could be directed towards pressuring the Eagles to meet JP’s contract demands.

That Peters compared himself to Brady shows you where his mind is at. He’s not accepting a backup role when he feels like he’s still playing at a high level despite his age. And if JP is truly serious about playing into his 40s, well, he’s aiming to play until at least through the 2022 season. That’d be something.

Before getting that far ahead, Peters has to find a home for the 2020 season. His landing spot might end up being back in Philly.

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