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Let’s get the Bleeding Green Nation Twitter account (@BleedingGreen) over the 100,000 followers mark

So close!

At the time of me typing this sentence, the Bleeding Green Nation Twitter account (@BleedingGreen) is 1,925 followers shy of the 100,000 mark. We’re so close to hitting six digits for the first time since the account was created by BGN founder JasonB back in February 2009!

You might not care about this but I think it’s a cool milestone for our Philadelphia Eagles fan community. With that in mind, I’d like to make a push to get over 100,000 as soon as we can. Go follow @BleedingGreen if you haven’t already!

Once we hit our #BGN100K goal, I’ll donate $100 to one charity that’ll be selected from your suggestions in the comments below this post. Feel free to “rec” comments that feature charities of your preference. It’d also be cool if you join me in donating if you can afford to do so!

So, what are you waiting for? Go follow @BleedingGreen!

... and while I have you here, you might as well check out these other social media channels.

BGN Manager: Brandon Lee Gowton: Follow @BrandonGowton

BGN Radio Twitter: Follow @BGN_Radio

BGN staff on Twitter: Click here to see the list

BGN Facebook Page: Click here to like our page

BGN Instagram: Follow @BleedingGreenInsta

BGN Snapchat: bleeding-green

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