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Eagles won’t be trading for Brandin Cooks

Yet another WR option bites the dust.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images

Despite being listed as a top landing spot for him, the Philadelphia Eagles will not be acquiring Brandin Cooks. The Los Angeles Rams are trading the 26-year-old receiver to the Houston Texans instead. Terms of the deal:

Texans receive — Brandin Cooks, 2022 fourth-round pick
Rams receive — 2020 second-round pick (No. 57 overall)

It’s worth noting the Eagles likely could’ve beaten that offer if they really wanted to. Philly owns pick No. 53 in this year’s draft.

But a second-round pick is probably too much to surrender for Cooks, who carries a high cap number and has a troubling concussion history. As such, the majority of Eagles fans weren’t so high on the idea of trading for Cooks.

With yet another veteran option off the market, the Eagles are clearly planning to fix their wide receiver position through the 2020 NFL Draft. The pressure is on to find an instant contributor or two.

Or, hey, if the draft doesn’t work out so well for the Eagles, maybe Howie Roseman can try offering Rasul Douglas and a future sixth-round pick for Will Fuller? Bill O’Brien — who clearly has no idea what he’s doing — would probably make that trade, right?

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