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Eagles News: DeSean Jackson says he has an extra chip on his shoulder for 2020

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/7/20.

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Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

A roster check-in: What are the players doing now? -
The 2019 season was a difficult one for wide receiver DeSean Jackson, we all know, and he’s raring to get back to action and help ignite more playmaking ability into this offense. And, yes, for everyone who says he’s “done” or “washed up” or any other negativity, Jackson has a message. ”Man, I’ll always have a chip on my shoulder, but, yeah, I definitely have an extra chip on my shoulder,” Jackson said. “One thing I can say is I’m always going to have my hard hat on, and I’m coming to work, and I’m going to work hard, and I’m going to give my best effort. We’ve got a lot of light left, and I’m going to shine on it.

Denzel Mims says the Eagles are among the teams showing the most interest in him - BGN
The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the teams showing the most interest in Denzel Mims ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft. At least, that’s what the Baylor wide receiver indicated during a recent interview on KRZI’s Matt Mosley Show.

Eagles new player (or current player with new role) series: Genard Avery edition - PhillyVoice
Avery’s appeal is that he can maybe be a hybrid linebacker / pass rusher. The Eagles only used him as the latter, in his limited snaps. His best usage was as a stand-up rusher in a “Joker” role. I don’t think he can play DE at his size on normal down-distances, because he’ll be a major liability against the run. And then even in obvious pass rush situations, I don’t think you can line him up on the edge and expect him to get a high percentage of one-on-one wins, because his size will always limit his pass rush repertoire. While his explosiveness is pretty clear, it’ll be a challenge to find ways to get him into games in that Joker role, without telegraphing to the offense what’s coming, unless he can also develop as a linebacker who can cover and play the run.

The Big Sexies - Iggles Blitz
Center is more of a mystery. Nate Herbig is a player the Eagles liked. I thought he was okay, but there was something they found compelling about him. They kept him on the 53-man roster all year long. You don’t do that casually. I don’t know what the Eagles long term thinking is with Herbig. He played OG at Stanford. The Eagles might like him there. They had him focus on center all last summer. Was that because it was a weak spot on the roster or was it where they want Herbig? Herbig will turn 22 this summer so he is young and has plenty of time to develop. A lot of people project the Eagles to draft a center because of Jason Kelce’s age (slightly higher than 22), but the team may like Herbig more than we know. We’ll have to see what happens on this one.

NFL players for all 32 teams who would be hurt most by lost offseason - ESPN
Safety Jalen Mills. The Eagles re-signed Mills this offseason with the intention of moving him to safety, where he’s expected to take over for Malcolm Jenkins. Mills knows Jim Schwartz’s scheme well but hasn’t played safety since college. Extended training at the position this offseason would greatly benefit both Mills and the defense overall. There could be some real growing pains if he has to just dive right in.

Jeffrey Lurie and Robert Kraft Step Up; Trouble With Canceled Physicals; Draft Notes - MMQB
Jeffrey Lurie was home on Friday night, watching CNN like so many other Americans. And on came the moment that hit so many of us like a swift punch to the gut, with anchor Erin Burnett interviewing a young mother of three from Long Island named Maura Lewinger. Lewinger’s 42-year-old husband, Joe, died from complications with the coronavirus a little over a week ago, and Maura described having to say goodbye over FaceTime, playing him their wedding song as he died. She explained how it began with mild symptoms, how Joe’s fever spiked over St. Patrick’s Day, how his breathing kept getting worse, how she “begged him not to leave us and told him we all need him” over the phone. Burnett broke down on live TV. As she did, the whole thing hit Lurie in a very personal way. “He was a basketball coach and just a very popular teacher,” the Eagles owner said on Saturday. “She described what it was like the last two weeks with her husband, getting worse and worse, but trying different things, different therapeutics that they were using. And it just wasn’t working. And listening to her, dealing with her husband who had this at age 42, it just reminded me of my mom.

Jason Kelce egregiously snubbed by NFL’s all-decade voters - NBCSP
Not surprisingly, the same people who haven’t figured out that Eric Allen was one of the greatest cornerbacks to ever play the game — the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters — are the same people who have decided that Kelce wasn’t one of the two best centers in the NFL from 2010 through 2019. Alex Mack and Maurkice Pouncey were the centers named to the team of the decade, and guess what. Kelce has made first-team all-pro more than both of them combined. Kelce three times, Pouncey twice, Mack zip.

Dynasty Fantasy Football: Top-5 2020 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Player Comps - Sharp Football Analysis
Justin Jefferson has three first-round receivers making the top-three comps. All three averaged over 100 yards receiving per game and over 2.5 yards per team target in their final seasons entering the league. Unfortunately, these three have combined for just one WR2 or better season in points per game at the next level. We sadly only got to see Justin Blackmon appear in 20 NFL games before off-field transgressions sunk his career, but he is the top objective mark here for Jefferson. We also get a lot of “big slot” types here, which is where Jefferson is projected to be at his best at the next level and once again overlap with previously discussed players as both Agholor and Stills find their way into the picture. Agholor (and Coleman) are good examples of how we treat the perception of players in the NFL versus their perception as prospects since we have so much influence from hindsight. Do we count them as misses from a league-value stance or a player stance? Unfortunately, there’s a lot of variables that go into the end result of a player’s career, and many are beyond predictability. From an on paper stance, both had the appearance of productive players at the next level with above baseline athleticism.

Love from the Crumb - AO1 Foundation
Thy Kingdom Crumb’s newest initiative, Love from the Crumb, was launched in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This initiative aims to supply free tangible care to our communities by giving bags of groceries to struggling families, delivering meals to those on the front lines or distributing needed supplies through our local facility. [BLG Note: Carson Wentz’s charity has made an initial allocation of $100,000 towards this campaign.]

The greatest sports video game of all time: The Finals - Fake Teams
We’ve made it. We started with 32 contestants and narrowed our way down over the course of a week and some change. Now, we’re at the championships. Two games remain. One team will win. At stake? The coveted title of Greatest Sports Video Game. Who will win? That’s for you to decide.

2020 NFL Draft TE Rankings - Rotoworld
This tight end class lacks top-end talent, but I do think the middle class is serviceable. There wasn’t a big gap between TE1 (Cole Kmet) and TE5 (Hunter Bryant) in my rankings. The same could be said about my model’s rankings. After that tier of Day 2 prospects, we get into the fringe Day 2/3 tier of Brycen Hopkins, Harrison Bryant, and so on. These players either had a glaring weakness or had a low ceiling overall. I have just about zero interest in anyone below the “Minimum Threshold” line from above, maybe except for Devin Asiasi.

Ronald Darby returns home on a prove-it deal and intends to cash in - The Athletic
“I’ve got a lot more to prove due to the fact this is my second one-year deal and things like that,” Darby said. “My main focus is to take care of my body and stay healthy and go out there and make plays. … I’m good right now. I feel great right now, but it is tough coming off the ACL and then going right back into the season. Last year was tough for me. My main thing was I just wanted to finish that year without a major injury or nothing like that, so I could have a full offseason to train and take care of my body, and that’s what I’ve been doing. As the corner I know I am, I’m a great corner. I had to battle obstacles and stuff like that, and at the end of the day, whether you’re hurt or good, you still got to go out there and perform. You can’t always have excuses. I know that I can be the person that I am, that I’ve shown.”

Film room: What free agency addition Beau Allen brings to the Patriots’ defensive tackle rotation - Pats Pulpit
On the same day as Shelton departed, the team signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles interior defensive lineman Beau Allen to a two-year, $7 million pact. Given his frame — Allen is listed at 6-foot-3, 327 pounds — it is only natural to assume that he will fill the role previously held by Shelton as an early-down run stuffer who will asked to take on two-gap responsibilities to free up space for the second-level defenders behind him. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at him.

Jets’ Joe Douglas quietly drops $100 tips at N.J. restaurant to support during coronavirus pandemic | ‘I was amazed,’ says bartender -
Holsten didn’t make the connection — that this was the Jets’ general manager. Holsten ran the man’s credit card and watched him walk away. Then he looked down at the tip line — $100. Shocked, Holsten yelled to Douglas before he could leave: “Thank you so much! I appreciate it!” Douglas waved casually and politely, and walked out to his car. Holsten and his co-workers did a quick Internet search soon thereafter and confirmed this was indeed Douglas, who is working from home as he prepares for the NFL Draft later this month. Each of the past three Sundays, Douglas got about the same order at River Grille — burgers and some kids meals. And each time, Douglas tipped Holsten $100.

What will the ‘fully virtual’ 2020 NFL Draft look like? - SB Nation
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a memo issued April 6 that all club personnel will need to work separately during the draft. “Clubs have been advised to prepare to conduct the 2020 draft entirely outside of their facilities and in a fully virtual format, with club personnel in separate locations and able to communicate with one another and Draft headquarters by phone or internet.” On March 24, Goodell mandated that club facilities be closed to everyone with the exception of medical, security, and technological personnel. That will remain in place at least through draft weekend, forcing the NFL to get even creative about how it announces picks. All that means no “war room” with a giant conference room filled with scouts, coaches, and executives. That could make trades for picks more difficult to broker, although the NFL is likely to consider providing extra time for teams to hammer out details.

Tracking if the 2020 NFL regular season starts on time amidst the Covid-19 pandemic - DraftKings Nation
The NFL has the most lead time during the coronavirus pandemic for figuring out its next season. We track all the news and rumors about whether or not the 2020 regular season will be delayed.


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