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Corey Clement really wanted to return to the Eagles

The RB loves Philly, that’s for sure.

There was no question in Corey Clement’s mind that he wanted to return to the Eagles in 2020. After re-signing with a one-year deal to return to Philadelphia, Clement spoke with the media on Thursday afternoon about free agency, his previous role and what he expects this season, and he gave an injury update.

Here’s what the running back had to say:

On returning to the Eagles and his role

“I been always gunning to get back to Philly,” Clement said. “I want to be here, I want to retire here. This team means a lot to me.”

When the Eagles decided not to tender him, he was hurt, but ultimately knew that he wanted to return to the organization. He talked about loving the city and his teammates, and not wanting to be anywhere else. In fact, his agent never discussed any other team offers during free agency because Clement made it clear, he wanted to be back in Philly.

“It was really cool connecting back with Jalen Mills, Boogie Miles, all the guys came out with the comments.”

Having former teammates show him love proved that the brotherhood is always there.

Clement wasn’t stressing out about whether the Eagles were going to draft a running back last weekend, and was only focused on things he could control. He was, however, waiting for the team to get through the draft to see if they were going to bring him back.

In addition to loving the team because of his teammates and because he’s a South Jersey guy, Clement also pointed to running back coach Duce Staley as a reason he wanted to return.

“I just love what Duce Staley brings to that offensive room, the running back room.”

He explained that Staley acts like he’s playing a game every day and that’s the kind of energy he wants from his coaches. Clement said that kind of competitiveness went all the way up the chain, and is the reason he enjoys playing for Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman, as well.

Later on, Clement spoke about his limited role last season even before his injury.

“My role is out of my control, it’s up to the front office. All I can do is put my head down and work”

He won’t demand touches, but has a rookie mindset again. He’s going to put in the work and compete to get back into the fold. Clement also pointed to his limited touches meaning he’s still fresh. The running back always wants the ball, especially on offense, but he’s working to dominate in all facets of the game, including on special teams.

On his health

Clement said that his injuries have “been a roller coaster” over the past two years. He now asks more questions and takes extra steps to get more out of his workouts and to get more from his diet — anything he can do to get and keep his body healthy.

The running back said it’ll be difficult without access to the facility this offseason, but he’s been working and isn’t going to use the pandemic as an excuse to not be working out every day.

He confirmed that he was cleared medically two weeks ago.

On Darren Sproles’ leadership

Clement was also asked about Darren Sproles and his leadership. When Sproles walked in the door, all games stopped and it was all business. If they were working on blitz pickups, Sproles would have the stand up and prove they understood their role.

That’s one thing Clement wants to harp on as a leader; if you think you know something, go back over it again because you probably don’t.

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