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Favorite all time Eagles bracket: Final Four

Eagles Madness Day 5!

We’ve reached the Final Four!

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Things have mostly gone as predicted as the winners of each region from Eagles history reached the Final Four. If you asked me before the polls went live, I would’ve guaranteed that Chuck Bednarik and Brian Dawkins would’ve advanced to the Final Four. Reggie White against Randall Cunningham was a tossup in my mind, but the Minister of Defense beat the Ultimate Weapon with a convincing 71.1 percent of the vote. The region that would have the most volatile voting would be the Super Bowl Champs section of the bracket. Malcolm Jenkins or Jason Kelce or Carson Wentz could’ve made a run, but I thought it was Nick Foles’ region to lose. I was wrong.

Wentz topped Foles with relatively easy 62 percent of the vote. In reading some comments about the Foles vs. Wentz matchup and engaging with people on Twitter, I was shocked that Foles’ overall candidacy was in debate. Listen, I love Carson Wentz. I feel completely intertwined with his success from my general obsession with the Eagles to the way I make a living as a writer. To think it wasn’t a contest? It’s so odd to me.

I voted for Foles. In a vacuum, Wentz is a better quarterback than Foles obviously. I’m taking Wentz to lead my franchise 11 times out of 10 over Foles. It’s voting for your favorite Eagle ever though. Sure, all of these people could just be huge Wentz fans and they voted accordingly, but I feel like my man Nick was a little slighted. Foles delivered the premier performance in Philadelphia sports history and brought about the greatest moment in the city’s history since the Constitution itself was ratified.

It’s all subjective. That’s the fun of these types of brackets and debate. It makes for a nice distraction for a world in the midst of chaos. Anyway, here are today’s matchups:

Final Four

1. Chuck Bednarik, LB/C, 1949-1962


1. Reggie White, DE, 1985-1992

1. Brian Dawkins, S, 1996-2008


1. Carson Wentz, QB, 2016-present

So what are my expectations for this round?

As has been the case all week, Dawkins is going to win. It’s pretty evident. The Carson Train finally stops here. Reggie and Bednarik? I think Reggie wins, setting the stage for a battle between the two best defensive players in Eagles history in the championship. You know Philadelphians love their tough defensive players across all sports. White and Weapon X fit that billing perfectly.

Be sure to vote on the @BleedingGreen Twitter polls and thanks for following along! I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the last two men standing.

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