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How Eagles fan confidence has changed from end of 2019 season to post-free agency

FanPulse update.

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NFL: DEC 22 Cowboys at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. You can sign up HERE for FanPulse. It’s easy and free to join!

It’s been nearly three months since we’ve had a Philadelphia Eagles FanPulse update. We last took stock of fan confidence following the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Now we have results that show how Eagles fans are feeling following the coaching and roster changes that have taken place this offseason. Behold:

As you can see, fan confidence has increased! ... but only slightly.

For perspective, the majority of NFL teams saw more significant increases. Only the Houston Texans (see: DeAndre Hopkins trade) and the Minnesota Vikings (see: Stefon Diggs trade and Kirk Cousins contract extension) witnessed decreases. It could always be worse!

But it could also be better. As I already wrote about at length, I can’t say I’m in love with the offseason the Eagles have had to this point. Some have suggested I’m being too negative and that sentiment aligns with how a number of fans graded the Eagles’ free agency period. Whereas I’m in the “C” range, the majority of voters selected a “B” grade:

It’s entirely possible that the skepticism will prove to be unwarranted. I was among the many who thought the Eagles were having a good offseason last year at this time and that confidence only turned to disappoint during the 2019 campaign. Maybe the reverse will be true for this year. Or, hey, maybe there is something to the concerns that have been raised.

The next wave of FanPulse polling will take place after the 2020 NFL Draft. That’s obviously going to be a crucial event for the Eagles as they hopefully look to address one of the biggest holes on their roster: wide receiver. It’ll be interesting to see how the draft results further impact fan confidence ahead of the upcoming season ...

... assuming there’s even one to be played.

Once again, you can sign up HERE for FanPulse.

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