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Prince Tega Wanogho thinks the Eagles are the right fit for him

Plus, he’s joining a friend and former teammate at Auburn.

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With a sixth round pick, the Eagles chose offensive lineman Prince Tega Wanogho out of Auburn — teammate of the team’s fourth round draft pick, Jack Driscoll. Wanogho spoke with the media on Saturday evening about still being on the board at No. 210, he gave an update on his knee issue, and talked about transitioning to the NFL.

Wahnogho and Driscoll are close friends, and he called it a blessing to be able to come to Philly with Driscoll, and to join one of the best offensive lines in the country. PTW spoke with Coach Stoutland at the Combine and is ready to prove that they made the right choice.

The lineman admitted it was tough sliding to the sixth round when he was originally considered a Day 2 pick. But, ultimately he feels like Philadelphia is the right fit for him.

It was really [heartbreaking] for me. You know, just knowing that I wasn’t able to perform at the Combine or at the Senior Bowl or have my own pro day. But yeah, it was [heartbreaking] because I knew like I wasn’t able to show the coaches what I could do. Yeah, I just been going through the meetings and interviews with the coaches. Like I said, we were expecting I was going to go higher, but God has a special plan, and this is His plan right here. I just got to come in and just go to work. That’s what it is.”

While he waited for his name to be called, Wahnogho joked that he ate a lot, played some video games, and just walked around the house. He admitted that it wasn’t easy watching the whole process and people going in front of him.

Affecting his draft stock was concern about his knee. He says that right now he’s at about 90-95%, so it’s a work in progress and he’s just getting better to get back to 100%.

“It was a lateral meniscus tear, so they had to go in and like clean it out with a scoop. You know, like it was better in like the beginning of the season and we didn’t know if it was a minor strain, and come to find it was actually something worse. So we had to take care of that. So that was the reason I wasn’t able to do anything at the Combine or at the Senior Bowl. So it’s just something like the little time I actually got right now I’m going to keep rehabbing and should be back and 100 percent in a little bit.”

Despite the setback, Wanogho said as a football player you never stop learning — a general life lesson, as well — and he feels like he needs to work on everything. He’s coming into a new organization, the coaches are going to be teaching him different things, and he just needs to take it all in.

Wanogho has an interesting backstory and came to the United State as a kid from Nigeria with just $20 to his name. He said it means a lot to be where he is now and to be drafted to the NFL, and it’s been a long journey. A lot of people made sacrifices for him to be where he is today, and to see his dream come true is a blessing.

“It’s great. I’m excited. I don’t even know the word to actually say, to tell people how excited I am. But it’s a blessing for me.”

Despite his unique background, he doesn’t think of himself as someone who is catching up to players who have been around the game their whole lives.

“I don’t feel like I’m actually catching up to them. I’m a guy who’s going to come in there and actually work hard. Obviously like if it means so much to you, you’ll find a way. I’m a guy who will always find a way, and I take pride in whatever I do. Doesn’t really matter what it is. I take pride in it. I was able to play my entire year at Auburn with the best guys in the nation, like I said. I didn’t give up a sack last year. And I feel like that’s something most of the coaches worry about, thinking about I’m a newcomer; but at the same time, I’m a guy who takes pride in whatever I do. I stay hungry at all times, and I’m going to come in there ready to go to work.”

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