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K’Von Wallace already loves Eagles fans

The safety is eager to learn and compete for a spot on the field.

The first pick for the Eagles on Day 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft was safety K’Von Wallace out of Clemson. Wallace spoke to the media on Saturday afternoon about his skillset, being close to the Dawkins family, and being so excited and ready to come to Philadelphia.

This guy is going to win over Eagles fans quickly. He already understands their passion and is appreciative, and is clearly genuinely excited be with the organization. As each reporter welcomed Wallace to Philly and offered congratulations, the safety sported a huge smile every time.

Wallace also ended his video call by flapping his wings. (He’s going to fit in so well in Philly.)

Here’s what the incoming rookie had to say:

On his talent and ability

“What makes me a great safety, is the fact that you get multiple positions out of me. I can play corner, I can play nickel, I can play safety, in the box. I can go blitz for you. I can do anything for my team. I put my best abilities in place to put my team in the best position to go out there and win games. Win Championships.

And, I’m a guy that plays with passion. A guy that plays with a lot of heart. A guy that loves the game. A guy that’s going to do everything he can to get the upper hand on my opponents, whether that’s watching extra film or extra work after practice.”

It was pointed out that Wallace tied the record for most games played at Clemson with 59, and the safety said that record shows his durability and that he’s a guy that will do everything he can to pre-hab and rehab. He admitted he had nicks and bruises, but is a guy who will sacrifice to be able to play.

“I’m a guy that’s going to go out there and produce.”

Wallace later talked about the biggest jump in his development happening between his junior and senior year at Clemson. His senior season was his best because he took a different approach — including taking better care of his body, leaning into his spirituality, and more film and more work.

He has a unique style of play, so he didn’t model his game after Brian Dawkins, but did take bits and pieces of different NFL greats. Wallace did say that he is close friends with Dawkins’ son, they were roommates his first 2.5 years at Clemson. They’re like family. They didn’t talk much football, more about life in general.

On the Eagles pre-draft interest

“It’s crazy to see. The Eagles fanbase is the best I’ve seen. They’re up there with Clemson. Seeing how they supported me, even before I even got drafted. ‘Go in the first round’ they were telling the coaches to pull the trigger, and all these fans DMing me on Instagram and saying ‘We can’t wait for you to be an Eagle’. The fanbase is incredible.”

He’s not super familiar with the roster in Philly, but is looking forward to meeting his teammates and loving the organization.

On fitting into the Eagles’ defense

Wallace pointed to his versatility as a top reason for Philadelphia picking him, as well as how he plays and loves the game and his passion.

He wants to come in and learn as much as he can, and “will be the first to listen, the last to speak” — including to contribute right away on special teams.

“I can’t wait to be an Eagle. I can’t wait to get my number figured out. I can’t wait, man. Fly Eagles Fly.”

Wallace said that he’s a guy that’s going to compete to get on the field on defense as early as possible. He credits his successes to being competitive on the field and with the guys in the locker room — but noted that he does it in a respectful way, but he’s a guy that’s going to challenge his teammates.

His experience winning two Championships at Clemson has prepared him for the next level. When the lights are on in big games, that’s when he plays his best. He understands that in the NFL, you’re playing in front of millions every game, so he’s intimidated by that.

Other notables

  • He interned with the NFL during college, and got a behind the scenes look at officiating and how they work with youth development. Wallace mentioned learning from Troy Vincent when he was there — although he said they rarely spoke about football. He explained that he once talked with Vincent in his office for hours, but just talked about life, how to become a better man, a better person.
  • Wallace was asked about going up against Jalen Hurts in the CFB Championship, and he recalls the QB being a competitor and not shying away from competition. He also met Hurts at the Senior Bowl, and they’ve talked since.
  • Wallace said his Mom instilled in him that he needed to be different, setting him on the path to be the first person in his family to graduate from high school, and then was sure he graduated from college, as well. She always kept him safe and out of harms way.
  • He majored in Communications, but his minor was in youth development.

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