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Jalen Reagor reveals his Eagles jersey number


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UPDATE: Jalen Reagor announces he’s wearing No. 18.


There’s one very important question to answer now that the Philadelphia Eagles have drafted Jalen Reagor.

What jersey number is he going to wear in the NFL?

Reagor obviously won’t be able to sport the No. 1 jersey he wore during his final two years at TCU. The No. 18 he wore as a freshman is available, though. And it seems like he’s leaning in that direction.

The only available options to Reagor are 13, 18, and 82. 87 is theoretically vacant but the Eaglese haven’t given that out since Brent Celek retired. Reagor said he doesn’t want a number in the 80’s, which I think is a good call. I think smaller receivers should generally be in the teens while bigger bodies belong in the 80’s.

Reagor taking No. 13 after last seeing Nelson Agholor wear that would not be a good choice. Gotta avoid any bad juju there.

The No. 18 jersey doesn’t have a stellar recent history at wide receiver, either. Shelton Gibson was the last pass catcher to wear it. Prior to that, it was ... Dorial Green-Beckham.

Maybe Reagor can be restore the reputation of No. 18 by being the first good receiver to wear it since Jeremy Maclin donned it from 2009 though 2014. That could be a nice sight.

The Eagles didn’t officially announce rookie jersey numbers last year until two weeks after the 2019 NFL Draft. So, it might be some time before we get confirmation on Reagor’s choice. No. 18 seems like the favorite.

It should be noted that Reagor getting No. 18 means Josh McCown will have to find a new number if he ends up re-signing with the Eagles at some point.

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