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Jalen Reagor is very excited to play with Carson Wentz

Hear from Philly’s first round pick!

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

The Eagles’ first round draft pick, wide receiver Jalen Reagor, spoke with the media late-Thursday night/early-Friday morning about his production last season, on his excitement to come to Philly, and looking forward to playing with this team’s offense.

Reagor said that he can do whatever the Eagles need him to do, and he plays like he’s 6-foot-4 despite being 5-foot-11.

Here’s what the incoming NFL rookie had to say:

On his production in 2019

“It was a learning experience,” Reagor explained, and said it gave him an opportunity to show what kind of teammate he can be. He doesn’t use TCU’s poor QB situation as an excuse and it taught him how to step up.

On coming to Philly

“It’s a family environment, they love football,” he said. “It’s a sigh of relief.”

He said he’s so blessed to get picked in the first round and he’s so excited to be with the Eagles.

Reagor said he talked to the whole Eagles’ staff every other week, and noted that they “stayed consistent” despite everything going on. He felt like the organization was genuine in their interest in him, and they showed the most interest in him out of all the teams.

The WR said that putting him across from DeSean Jackson adds more explosiveness and he’ll be an asset to make the team even better than they already are. He’s also super excited to play with Carson Wentz, and said it’s a surreal feeling that he’s his quarterback.

He doesn’t remember being in Philly when he was a kid, but his father, Montae Reagor, enjoyed playing for the Eagles in 2007.

On what he can improve

“I feel like I can work on my game as a whole.”

He is eager to learn from all the veterans already on the roster, and feels he’s a great addition to the locker room and is looking forward to improving as a player. The receiver said that he doesn’t think he’s even close to his ceiling and is ready to put in work.

Reagor said that he dropped some weight and ran a 4.2 in his virtual Pro Day, so either way he’s looking to play fast and add to the Eagles’ offense.

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