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Ranking the top 5 quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft

The QB Scho Show #56!

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

It’s simple math... The more quarterbacks that go before the Philadelphia Eagles at 21st overall, the more options they’ll have available when they’re on the clock. So the question is, how many have the potential to go in the early-to-mid first round?

To do that, you first have to assess how these quarterbacks in the class shake out and why NFL decision-makers would feel comfortable risking their jobs for that quarterback. Helping me with that task, as always, is our resident quarterback expert Mark Schofield.

On The QB Scho Show #56 we go through his top five quarterbacks in the class. Here’s how he ranks them...

1. JOE BURROW - LSU (6’3”, 221)

Was Burrow the creation of a perfect situation or did he make a great situation perfect? That’s the only legitimate question to ask when figuring out if Burrow is worth the 1st overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

In our analysis, that question becomes less daunting when you add up the different aspects of Burrow’s game. He’s a top-notch mental processor with incredible accuracy, poise, pocket movement, ability to create outside of structure, and to top it all off he’s proven he’s a gamer on the biggest stage and against the stiffest competition.

Don’t overthink this, Cincinnati.


For Tua, the question isn’t ability, it’s availability. As we creep closer to the draft the smoke around his medicals continues to build. For instance, Mike Lombardi recently revealed that Tua had suffered to previous unreported broken wrists, one of which the Miami Herald independently verified within 24 hours.

The chorus of anonymous sources saying that Tua is too risky as a top ten selection could be nonsense, but it’s hard to deny that you shouldn’t be concerned about the hip, ankles, wrist, and so on. All this could mean that Tua tumbles on night one. How far that slide lasts will tell us a lot about how the league really feels about his health concerns.

3. JUSTIN HERBERT - OREGON (6’6”, 236)

With prototype size, a big arm, and athleticism, it’s no wonder the NFL is in love with Herbert. The tape has never quite lived up to the potential, it’s just too inconsistent, but that hasn’t stopped the league from taking a swing before.

The biggest hole in Herbert’s evaluation is his ability to read and rip through the teeth of the defense. Oregon’s offense was chock-full of perimeter throws near, at, or behind the line of scrimmage, and as such Herbert was rarely tasked with reading the middle of the field. Herbert did well in this regard during Senior Bowl practices while running the Bengals’ offense, but that always felt like it would be a low-pressure setting where he would thrive.

Herbert will be the biggest winner if the aforementioned Tua takes a tumble and could easily find himself as a top five selection. Beyond that, it’s doubtful he lasts past the teens. That’s good news for the Eagles.

4. JORDAN LOVE - UTAH STATE (6’4”, 224)

Here’s where it gets interesting. Love followed up the hype building from his 2018 campaign by tossing only 20 touchdowns and a concerning 17 interceptions. What happened? To be fair to Love, there was a coaching and scheme change along with a depletion of talent in his supporting cast, but there’s only so much you can forgive.

Still, if you have Love’s size, arm, and athleticism, the quarterback starved NFL tends to shut out the concerns and put on the rose colored glasses. In our assessment it would be a mistake to draft him with plans of starting him in year one and a situation like Tampa Bay (who pick 14th overall) would be Love’s best shot at long-term success.

The Bucs may pass on him for a pass protector though, and with the Indianapolis Colts trading their first round pick, Love’s potential landing spot before the Eagles pick becomes hazy.


He reminds me of Jake Locker. So, there’s that.

We go more in-depth on these prospects and their fits on The QB Scho Show #56! Listen on the media player below or click here if the player doesn’t load. We’ll cover developmental quarterbacks the Eagles could target on the next show, which will be released before the draft.

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