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Favorite all time Eagles bracket: Sweet 16

Eagles Madness Day 3!

We are back today with the Sweet 16 with the Bleeding Green Nation Favorite Eagle Ever Bracket! Check out the official @BleedingGreen poll thread to see all of yesterday’s results. Also listen to a bracket breakdown in podcast form on From the Bleachers:

Reggie White is a bulldozer right now, as 99 percent of voters picked him over Keith Jackson in the Buddy era. Jackson might as well be Larry Allen getting absolutely dominated. The Battle of the Seans in the Andy Era was contested, but DeSean Jackson bested LeSean McCoy 59 percent to 41 percent. Pitting the two guys who are responsible for the EaglesSuper Bowl-winning touchdown against one another, Nick Foles beat Zach Ertz with 61 percent of the vote. No shade to Ertz, an Eagles legend in his own right, but I’m quite surprised Foles didn’t just roll through him. Is Foles, no longer the underdog and now the favorite in the Super Bowl Champs regions, about to get upset in the Sweet 16? Let’s see.

Here are today’s matches:

Classic Birds

1. Chuck Bednarik, LB/C, 1949-1962


4. Ron Jaworski, QB, 1977-1986

3. Mike Quick, WR, 1982-1990


2. Harold Carmichael, WR, 1971-1983

Buddy Era

1. Reggie White, DE, 1985-1992


5. Seth Joyner, LB, 1986-1993

3. Jerome Brown, DT, 1987-1991


2. Randall Cunningham, QB, 1985-1995

Andy Era

1. Brian Dawkins, S, 1996-2008


4. DeSean Jackson, WR, 2008-2013, 2019-present

3. Brian Westbrook, RB, 2002-2009


2. Donovan McNabb, QB, 1999-2009

Super Bowl Champs

1. Nick Foles, QB, 2012-2014, 2017-2018


4. Malcolm Jenkins, S, 2014-2019

3. Jason Kelce, C, 2011-present


2. Carson Wentz, QB, 2016-present

Here are some quick hits on these:

  • I’m intrigued by what we’re going to see in the Classic Birds region. Bednarik is a Hall of Famer an an all-time NFL great, but Jaws has had such a huge presence around the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia itself for more than 40 years. He clearly has a passion for the Birds and has made the surrounding Philly area his home. He’s an omnipresent figure in the local sports scene here. Is Bednarik a better player? Of course he is. Do more people love Jaworski? I’m inclined to say yes, but we’ll see. I think I’ll be pulling the trigger for my Bednarik, my fellow Penn Quaker, but I ain’t gonna feel good about it.
  • Randall against Jerome is the premier match today in my view. I could see that going either way. Cunningham is the Ultimate Weapon and has a long stable of mind-blowing highlights that captivate fans of all generations, but the mythology surrounding Brown elevates him to another level in Eagles lore. I’m going to to be trying to bring it home for Jerome, but I expect it to be quite close.
  • Dawkins and DeSean?!? My two favorite Eagles ever. This sucks!
  • As I’ve written earlier in the week, I’ve been quite curious about how far Mcnabb goes. Unintentionally, he’s drawn two tough matchups already between a 15-seed Trent Cole and a 7-seed Jeremiah Trotter. Donovan garnered 64 percent of the vote against Trott, but No. 5 is obviously a divisive figure in Philadelphia. Despite some of his antics in his post-playing days, I still have love for ol’ Donnie. Westbrook is truly beloved by Birds fans though. I would imagine this round is a lot closer for McNabb.
  • Foles vs. Malcolm? Bloodbath.
  • How can I decide between Wentz and Kelce? Wentz is the Moses-like figure who led the Eagles to the Promised Land despite not getting admitted himself. Kelce has a Hall of Fame case and is the best center of his generation on top of being such a hilarious figure from his iconic Super Bowl Parade speech to his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cameos.

Again, make sure you all go vote today on the @BleedingGreen account. Thanks for following along and go Birds!

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