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2020 NFL Mock Draft: Washington gets Chase Young

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With the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, Washington GM ablesser88 selects ...

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Chase Young, EDGE, Washington

I feel like I don’t even have to explain this pick.

If there is a can’t miss prospect in this draft class, Chase Young is it. A physical freak, he is that rare type of player that any defensive coordinator would be foolish not to want on their team. He projects as an instant starter who can make an immediate impact for the Redskins as they embark on a brand new era, and can easily become the face of the franchise for years to come.

Let me start off with his physical prowess. He’s 6’5”, 265 lbs, and looks like he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him at all. He’s powerful, explosive, and has an elite first step that allows him to get in the backfield faster than a lineman has time to react. He’s both an elite pass rusher and run defender, and he’s no one trick pony in his ability to penetrate. Young utilizes a series of moves, including dips, chops, speed rushes, bull rushes, swims, and clubs.

Not only does Young have all these arrows in his quiver to choose from, but he knows how and when to use them. A very underrated part of his game is his football IQ. He knows when to use his best moves on pivotal downs and he knows how to read the lineman to get into the backfield efficiently. Combine this all with his elite bend and you have a nightmare for any QB facing him.

I will admit that it’s not all pros with Young and that he does have some negatives to his game that could hinder him. The biggest negative for him is his pad level, in that he is inconsistent and he can get out of his stance too fast. You can typically tell whether he is going to rush or drop into coverage based on his stance, telegraphing his intentions pre-snap. Most of the time this doesn’t matter anyway because he’s going to beat you off the snap and both him and you know it. This is also an issue that can be fixed with some coaching, which only accentuates how dangerous this guy can be. I also notice he almost loses a step and can be neutralized sometimes if he isn’t able to beat his guy immediately, but this is more rare than not. Lastly, none of these issues are ones that should be huge hindrances to his long term outlook in any way, shape, or form.

Let’s move along to fit. The Redskins got a new Head Coach in Ron Rivera and kicked out yes man personified Bruce Allen (although they still have the walking cancer Dan Snyder as owner). As part of the Redskins overhaul, they are switching from a 3-4 defensive front to a 4-3. This will involve Jonathan Allen, who has previously played as a 5-tech DE in their 3-4 system, moving a little more in and playing as a more traditional DT. The Redskins currently have a DE rotation of Ryan Kerrigan, Montez Sweat, Ryan Anderson, and Jordan Brailford. I am very high on Sweat especially after a very solid rookie year, but Kerrigan will be 32 come the start of next season and there is no depth past that.

Chase Young probably projects best as a 4-3 EDGE and can immediately make an impact as part of a 3 man rotation between him, Kerrigan, and Sweat while also serving as Kerrigan’s long term replacement. He can fit right into the defense with the DL causing havoc upfront to take pressure off of their putrid secondary.

Lastly, there is the factor of Chase Young being a local boy. He is from Hyattsville, MD which is a 15 minute drive to Landover. His father was the former Mayor of Arlington, VA on the other side of the DMV. In interviews he has mentioned that “it would be a blessing” to play for the Redskins in front of his hometown fans. As a lifelong resident of Falls Church, VA a mere 20 minute drive from the District, I can respect that. Let him and fellow Marylander Dwayne Haskins (who I took in last year’s community mock and still think can be good) be the faces of your franchise who will rep the DMV every time they get on the field.

In summary, there is truly only one choice that made sense for the Redskins. Chase Young is a hometown boy who is an absolute menace to face on the football field. He is a physical freak of nature who plays smart and has very little weaknesses to his game. For a team who hasn’t had much to cheer about for 20 years, Young is the kind of player who can single-handily transform the fortunes of a franchise.


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2020 BGN Mock Draft Order

1) Bengals (grantspectations): QB Joe Burrow
2) Washington (ablesser88): EDGE Chase Young
3) Lions (CMG97):
4) Giants (selgae aihpledalihp):
5) Dolphins (dceagles):
6) Chargers (dapeltz13):
7) Panthers (wardbell92):
8) Cardinals (drc242):
9) Jaguars (Palaniappan K M):
10) Browns (WentzAndFolesFan):
11) Jets (Dr_Horrible):
12) Raiders (Phillysolo)
13) 49ers (eagles0132):
14) Buccaneers (BuckeyedEagles):
15) Broncos (J. Wil):
16) Falcons (Kephas)
17) Cowboys (PhillyBirdGang):
18) Dolphins (dshelton5):
19) Raiders (fredhugo):
20) Jaguars (ItownBallers22)
21) Eagles (20Safety_Hazards)
22) Vikings (Kramerpoo):
23) Patriots (Phoenix X Minimus)
24) Saints (big DUB):
25) Vikings (MrW254):
26) Dolphins (SemperFilly):
27) Seahawks (mattywils):
28) Ravens (Dirtybirdy47):
29) Titans (mr_england):
30) Packers (Nishant R SambhiReddy):
31) 49ers (Fly Like An Eagle):
32) Chiefs (Leo Bedio):

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Who should Washington draft at No. 2 overall?

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