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2020 NFL Mock Draft: Cincinnati Bengals get their quarterback

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With the 1st overall pick in the 2020 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, Cincinnati Bengals GM grantspectations selects ...

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Hi, they call me “Mr. Grant” or at least at the bank, sometimes. Apparently I look like Jake Gyllenhaal as I have heard them whisper ‘Broke’ & ‘Back’ of the line as well. Originally, hail from S. Jersey “Go Eagles”. But, enough about me as I have been hired to right this ship in Cincy.

As you may have noticed the Bengals have the 1st overall pick in the NFL Draft. Lots of option here but I would prefer to trade back and fill more holes but didn’t find a deal I like. Dallas floated an interesting one that included Dak but were trying to move from almost a decade of mediocre QB play with Andy why punish ourselves and take on a bigger contract. They sweetened the deal with some other players but we just lost our bail bondsman to the Corona. Very tragic actually, he was partying with some personale ... I mean, persons and they ran out of lime and he drove to the store to get some more lime and cervezas but got stopped for his 4th DUI. So, now he needs his own bail bondsman. He wasn’t alone and somebody popped off to the cop we have Corona and now are in quarantine,so I was hired.

As mentioned we have some holes as we need OL help & Whitworth signed with the Rams, need some healthy WR’s but somebody chose to tag Green. Need defensive help at almost every level, so this makes Chase Young an attractive prospect but in one of the meetings he asked to borrow some money from a staffer that was his cousin’s , neighbor’s friend. And have added players like Reader, Waynes, MA and Bynes to help shore up the DEF. And it is a bit too early for a LB or the need of a TE. Tackle maybe & Wirfs seems like a pretty good guy but he already has a OWI and is rumored to be a Skins fan. He actually should fit right in as being used to disappointment and past legal issues but we already lost our bondsman. Taylor, Swift are the only RB’s with a 1st round grade by Cincy but we ‘All know too Well’ you don’t use a top 5 pick on a RB in this NFL age. So, this leaves me with QB and picking the right one.

While we still have Andy another year we obvioulsy need an upgrade and don’t have to force him on the field right away making Tua an attractive option but he is a little smaller and has some durabiltiy issues. Love is a hard pass and Herbert despite seeming to have all the tools and protypical NFL size. I must say I have a slight ‘chip’ on my shoulder about former Ducks. Unless they have some previous NFL experience regardless of whether their family has strong NFL bloodlines, I’ll pass. That is unless some droves over the Walt Whitman wth a handgun and threatens me; I will pass.

So, I am left with my most logical choice, weighing at 221 LBS standing 6’ 3” with 30 7/8” arm and 9’’ hands … Joe Burrow

Not only being a National Champ and Heisman winner; he had one of the greatest seasons ever by an FBS QB, throwing for over 5,600 yards and 60 TD’s and rushing for another 5. Despite all his football honors like winning the Maxwell, Walter Camp, and others he also got his degree from his previous school in 3 years. While some may question his overall arm talent his anticipation and accuracy are unquestionable. He can feed the ball into the tightest windows and despite a slower 40 times he is very mobile and athletic for a QB. He is highly touted for his mobility and football IQ. Has won nearly every award possible. Despite some considering him a one year wonder he does have 4 Bowl games under his belt and even if he didn’t play in all; he gained some experience in these high pressure situations, which ultimately culminating in a National Championship. See his calm demeanor here despite the cloudy circumstances:

I think it is safe to say he is the number choice even if he has questionable arm strength. As he all the other intangibles you want. He has the perfect skill set to be a true pocket passer but has the intelligence and mobility to climb or break it to the outside in a less then clean one. Which he will likely need to do until the O-line is improved and he has other targets besides a gimpy Green. Even though he is a pretty decent looking guy; I had trouble getting a good picture of him without an Eli-like goofy look maybe the Giants should of waited a year, exhibit A:

I may not hold this position long, so I better make the right decision and I think this is it. In 3 or so seasons when Brady and Brees have retired and Rodgers falls on a cliff; everybody will be debating who is best NFL QB - Wentz or Burrow.

Spider graph and other measurables:

Some highlights:

Career stats:


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2020 BGN Mock Draft Order

1) Bengals (grantspectations): QB Joe Burrow
2) Washington (ablesser88):
3) Lions (CMG97):
4) Giants (selgae aihpledalihp):
5) Dolphins (dceagles):
6) Chargers (dapeltz13):
7) Panthers (wardbell92):
8) Cardinals (drc242):
9) Jaguars (Palaniappan K M):
10) Browns (WentzAndFolesFan):
11) Jets (Dr_Horrible):
12) Raiders (Phillysolo)
13) 49ers (eagles0132):
14) Buccaneers (BuckeyedEagles):
15) Broncos (J. Wil):
16) Falcons (Kephas)
17) Cowboys (PhillyBirdGang):
18) Dolphins (dshelton5):
19) Raiders (fredhugo):
20) Jaguars (ItownBallers22)
21) Eagles (20Safety_Hazards)
22) Vikings (Kramerpoo):
23) Patriots (Phoenix X Minimus)
24) Saints (big DUB):
25) Vikings (MrW254):
26) Dolphins (SemperFilly):
27) Seahawks (mattywils):
28) Ravens (Dirtybirdy47):
29) Titans (mr_england):
30) Packers (Nishant R SambhiReddy):
31) 49ers (Fly Like An Eagle):
32) Chiefs (Leo Bedio):

Now it’s time for you to vote for who YOU think the Bengals should pick in the 2020 BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft.


Who should the Cincinnati Bengals draft at No. 1 overall?

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  • 84%
    Joe Burrow
    (630 votes)
  • 9%
    Chase Young
    (67 votes)
  • 6%
    Tua Tagovailoa
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