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What are the Eagles doing at wide receiver?

BGN Radio Episode 112!

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles have done nothing to address their painfully obvious need at wide receiver almost two weeks into free agency. What gives?! Jimmy Kempski and I discuss this and much more in the latest BGN Radio podcast episode. You can [CLICK HERE TO PLAY] or stream the show below:


  • Simply put: WTF is going on at WR? The worthwhile free agent options are off the board. Can this team really just rely on nailing their picks in the 2020 NFL Draft?
  • Howie Roseman says the Eagles are higher on their WR room than others are. To what extent are the Eagles really counting on DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery in 2020?
  • After Roseman’s comments last week, some are convinced that Jeffery will definitely be back. We’re not so sure.
  • The idea that there’s “no issue” between Jeffery and Carson Wentz, as Roseman stated, just isn’t true. Jimmy: “I know for certain that he has trashed the quarterback to other media folks over the last couple of years.”
  • The “Carson and the kids” sentiment seems to be a real thing.
  • Does Roseman really deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to fixing this position?
  • Shifting to the secondary ... what does the starting lineup look like for 2020? Is Avonte Maddox truly going to start on the outside?
  • For Roseman talking about how “hope is not a strategy,” it sure seems like the Eagles are hoping a lot of projections go right with their defensive backs. Is Maddox going to hold up on the outside? Can Jalen Mills really handle the old Malcolm Jenkins role? Is Rodney McLeod going to bounce back?
  • Are the Eagles primed to have a top 10 defense?
  • Two former Eagles players sign with Washington ... let’s take a gander at what the Maryland team has done in free agency.
  • Final thoughts and more!

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