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Nate Sudfeld talks about his decision to re-sign with the Eagles

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The QB also talked about coaching changes and potential QB competition for the No. 2 spot.

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

On of the first moves made by the Eagles this offseason was to re-sign Nate Sudfeld. Howie Roseman explained early on Thursday that his familiarity with the offense, especially during what could be a short offseason, was a big bonus for them.

Here’s what the quarterback had to say:

On wanting to return to Philly

“It was a crazy little process going through free agency.”

He felt out some interest from other teams, but ultimately he felt like his chapter with the Eagles wasn’t closed and he still has things he wants to accomplish in Philadelphia. He’s excited to be back, and lauded the coaches and the environment, and is chomping at the bit to continue on his journey.

Sudfeld said he was always hoping to come back, but was open to the whole free agency process. He communicated with other teams during the tampering period, and some were exciting options, but he was really excited to continue his career in Philly.

He didn’t want to get into specifics, but it was his first time being able to communicate with other teams and see what they thought about him. The QB explained though that where he is in his career, having another year in the system was important to his growth. He does want to be a starter in the league eventually, but for now Philadelphia was the best spot for him.

On an odd offseason

Sudfeld said that how COVID-19 would affect the offseason and spring happened after he signed, so it wasn’t a main driving force in his decision making process. But, he said he feels good that if he needs to he’d be able to perform at a high level right away for the Eagles — rather than having to learn a new system.

He’s been training the past month or two, but now that the gyms are closed he has a make-shift gym in his garage which is helpful. Now, he’s home with his family, which includes two brothers who played football so he’s been able to keep throwing during quarantine. The QB also said he’s watching as much tape as he can.

On a QB competition

“I think the NFL, obviously, is a meritocracy.”

He explained you have to keep proving yourself, but he has a lot of confidence in his ability if he were ever in a position to go head-to-head with someone for the No. 2 QB spot. Sudfeld said he’s prepared to jump in if he’s ever called to.

The QB didn’t want to specifically say whether the Eagles gave him promises for the No. 2 role, but is excited for the chance to get back to work.

Later on, he was asked about how he’s improved the past couple of years. Sudfeld explained that physically, his body has changed a lot, and he also understands the game a lot more and is better at reading defenses and situations.

On the coaching changes

He’s really excited for the addition of senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello. Sudfeld hasn’t been able to talk to him about scheme yet, but being part of the coaching tree from Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay is something he’s excited about. He said that his addition will breathe a bit of fresh air into the offense.

Sudfeld also had a lot of great things to say about Press Taylor and is excited for him to have a bigger role as a passing game coordinator this season. He said that Taylor watches more film than anyone and is super detail-oriented, so he’s looking forward to seeing what he can cook up this year.