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Hassan Ridgeway said he didn’t need to explore free agency, the Eagles were a step ahead of everybody

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The d-lineman also confirmed he suffered a high ankle sprain last season.

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

After a short season in 2019 with the Eagles, Hassan Ridgeway re-signed with the team this offseason. He spoke to the media on Wednesday afternoon, and was asked about signing with Philadelphia before free agency even started.

He explained that based on the year he had last year with the Eagles defense and the people he was around, signing back with the team was one of the best situations for him. Ridgeway continued that he likes the team and the people around, and Philadelphia was a step ahead of everybody.

Here’s what else he had to say:

On his injury

He said that when he was out on the field ahead of the injury he showed what he is capable of, so he wasn’t disappointed in his play, but was disappointed by the injury.

Ridgeway also confirmed that he suffered a high ankle sprain last season, and he didn’t think it was a season-ending injury, but he deferred to the doctors who know more than him and followed their advice.

On the potential of the interior line

With the Eagles signing Javon Hargrave and getting Malik Jackson back from injury, Ridgeway was asked about the potential of the interior line group.

“I can’t even tell you.”

He noted that people say that every year, but if everyone can stay healthy, they’ll be one of the best groups out there. The lineman also said there’s going to be a lot of competition among such a talented group.

On the new defensive line coach, Ridgeway said that he isn’t super familiar with new defensive line coach Matt Burke’s style of coaching, but he was around the group a lot last season so they were able to interact.

On the offseason

He noted that — like most everywhere — the gyms in his area are closed due to the virus, but he has equipment and different things at his house. He’s doing cardio and lifting and just trying to make the best of a difficult situation.