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Jason Kelce has two very important messages for Eagles fans

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Please tune in.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kelce has two very important messages for Philadelphia Eagles fans during the coronavirus pandemic.

First up:

“Both the hero and the coward feel the same thing. Both experience fear. The difference is the reaction to that fear. These are scary times we’re living in: the future is in question, we’re fighting an unknown enemy, and civilization around us is shutting down. All of us are have choices to make. All of us can be a hero. Social distancing does not mean social isolation. Cowards right now are running, sequestering resources and money and fending only for themselves. Heroes are supporting their communities and uplifting others. Whether you’re in a position to give to COVID-19 relief funds, support local businesses, or give to food banks, or just bring joy and unite others, all of us can be a hero. This too shall pass. And if we remain united against this foe, and adhere to our government’s local regulations, all of us will get through this together. Stay safe, stay involved, and go Eagles.

Well said by the Eagles’ All-Pro center.

And now for the second message, with Kelce’s daughter serving as the messenger:

Dallas sucks.