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Eagles may have found a trade partner if they want to move up for a wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft

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Something to think about.

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There’s a common belief that there are three top tier wide receiver prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft: Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs III. There’s also a common belief that none of those players will be available for the Philadelphia Eagles with their No. 21 overall pick.

So, will the Eagles trade up to land one of the Big 3? If that’s Howie Roseman’s intention, the Eagles may have just received some good news.

The San Francisco 49ers traded DeForest Buckner to the Indianapolis Colts on Monday in exchange for the No. 13 overall pick in this year’s draft. And it sounds like the 49ers might not end up keeping that selection:

The Eagles own 10 total selections this year, including two third-round picks and three fourth-round picks. Roseman has some ammo to move up. But is it enough to reasonably move up from No. 21 to No. 13?

Let’s take a look to the past to get an idea of what the cost could be.



2019 first-round pick (No. 10)


2019 first-round pick (No. 20)
2019 second-round pick (No. 52)
2020 third-round pick

This trade could resemble what the Eagles would have to give up, except maybe slightly less expensive? The Steelers moved up 10 spots and got within the top 10 to select Devin Bush, a linebacker. The Eagles are only looking to move up eight spots in our hypothetical. Maybe the Eagles could surrender a third and a fourth instead of including a second?



2017 first-round pick (No. 12)


2017 first-round pick (No. 25)
2018 first-round pick

The Texans were desperate to move up 13 spots to land their franchise quarterback, Deshaun Watson. They didn’t have to give up any additional 2017 picks since they traded a future first instead. I don’t think the Eagles will want to give up a 2021 first-round pick to move up this year.



2010 first-round pick (No. 13)


2010 first-round pick (No. 24)
2010 third-round pick (No. 70)
2010 third-round pick (No. 87)

This is the trade the Eagles made to get Brandon Graham. They held on to their second-round pick by giving up two thirds instead. Given that the Eagles have two third rounders again this year, maybe they can go that route.

TL;DR — Yes, the Eagles do have what it takes to move up to No. 13.

The question is ... should they trade up?

On one hand, this year’s draft class is loaded with wide receiver talent. Do the Eagles really need to be so eager and give up extra picks to get a good player? Especially when they’ve made the fewest picks in the league over the past two years? And when they’ve consistently failed to draft and develop receiver talent since Roseman was first promoted to general manager in 2010?

On the other hand, there’s a case to be made the Eagles shouldn’t count on drafting and developing a (theoretical) lesser talent. Be aggressive and get the guy you really believe in.

For as much as I’d love to see someone like Lamb or Ruggs on the Eagles, I’m hesitant on the idea of trading up. As Jeffrey Lurie has admitted, no team can truly beat the draft. The best strategy is to make a lot of picks in order increase your chances of hitting. Given the receiver depth in this class, I think the Eagles will be able to get some pretty good pass catchers without having to trade up.

It’s something to think about, though. What say you?


Should the Eagles try to trade up to No. 13 overall?

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