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NFL free agency buzz: “It looks to be between the Raiders and the Eagles” for Byron Jones

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Can Philly land their rumored top free agent target?

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The first day of the NFL’s legal tampering window has been pretty quiet for the Philadelphia Eagles thus far, especially when you compare it to last year at this time.

But, hey, now we have some news that involves the Eagles’ top rumored free agent target! The following comes from Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline:

[...] the Raiders are pushing hard for cornerback Byron Jones. Right now, it looks to be between the Raiders and the Eagles. The price tag is expected to be somewhere around $18 million/annually.

It’s worth noting that Pauline was really the first person to report the Eagles’ interest in Jones ... all the way back in late January. We’ve since seen eleventy billion different reports linking the Dallas Cowboys’ All-Pro cornerback to Philly.

Acquiring Jones surely won’t be cheap but the drop off to the next tier of available free agent corners is significant. There’s a strong case to be made that Howie Roseman needs to do what it takes to close the deal with Jones.

We’ll soon see if the Eagles end up being the winners of the Jones sweepstakes.