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The NFL news cycle is about to heat up

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It’s about time.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions Photo by Mark Cunningham/Detroit Lions/Getty Images

Is it just me or has the gap between the end of the Philadelphia Eagles’ season and the start of the new league year felt longer than ever this year? I feel like the Birds haven’t given us much to talk about.

Thankfully, that’s all going to change very soon. The NFL news cycle is about to heat up with free agency officially starting next week. The action will begin even sooner than that, though. Take a gander at this updated league schedule.


11:59:59 PM ET — Player voting on proposed CBA closes.


11:59:59 AM ET — Franchise tag window closes.

12:00:00 PM ET — Legal tampering begins


4:00:00 PM ET — Free agency officially begins.

The new thing here is that the tag window was pushed back from closing on Thursday, March 12 to Monday, March 16. This measure prevents teams from using both the franchise AND transition tags and then having to rescind one if/when the new CBA is ratified.

Speaking of the CBA, there seems to be a sense that it will be approved. This is relevant to the Eagles because a new CBA means the team will be able to more easily move on from Alshon Jeffery. A new CBA also has some big implications for the Dallas Cowboys, as we previously wrote about.

New CBA or not, things are about to get busy in Eagles land. Howie Roseman was very active during the legal tampering window last year. News of Philadelphia signing Malik Jackson (who had been released by the Jacksonville Jaguars) and trading for DeSean Jackson first emerged two days ahead of the official free agency start date. We also heard that: Nick Foles was going to the Jags, Nelson Agholor was returning for 2019, Stefen Wisniewski was getting his option declined ... in addition to even more news around the league.

You won’t have to suffer through boredom for much longer. We’re almost there ...

... that is, unless the start of free agency gets pushed back, too, like it did in 2006!