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2020 NFL Combine: Day 4 winners and losers

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Money was made and lost at positions of need for the Eagles...

Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

That’s a wrap on the NFL Combine! Four days of testing, drills, grueling medical checks and eccentric interviews and now there’s nothing left to do but agonize over the future for almost two months.

To get all caught up with the previous Winners & Losers throughout the week, here’s a handy dandy list for you:

Day 1: Wide Receivers, Quarterbacks, Special Teams

Day 2: Offensive Linemen, Running Backs

Day 3: Defensive Linemen, Linebackers

Now, let’s talk defensive backs! As Daniel Jeremiah pointed out, there was more at stake for this group than any other when it comes to how athletic they tested in Indy.

Here’s how it shook out...

(NOTE: You can hear my thoughts on all of this and more on episode 8 of the 2020 BGN Draft specials! Click here or listen on the media player below)


Jeffery Okudah, CB - Ohio State

The sure bet to be the highest drafted defensive back this year, all Okudah had to do was not blow the Combine. His 11’3” broad, 41” vertical jump (best among corners), and 4.48 40-yard dash ensured his top status.

At one point Okudah hit the turf hard during a drill and had to be helped off, which led to an interesting exchange with Deion Sanders. Prime was shouting “shut that thing down, you’re going first” to Okudah and chatted with him soon after. Okudah would indeed shut it down for the on-field drills, per Sanders’ advice, but went on to showcase his hops in the jumps later anyway.

11’3”, 41” vert, 4.48

CJ Henderson, CB - Florida

Remember when I said Henderson was fast? Turns out, he’s fast! It’s no surprise that he ran a 4.39 40-yard dash or was the most fluid during the on-field drills.

During the broadcast, Daniel Jeremiah said that Henderson was going top fifteen. Then again, Bucky Brooks said Antoine Brooks (CB, Maryland) could go round one (before running a 4.64), which is out of left field, so I’m always cautious when I hear these types of statements in March.

Kyle Dugger, DS - Lenoir-Rhyne

Kimberly Jones reported early in the broadcast than teams were crushing on Dugger, who apparently crushed the interview portions of the process. That alone made the 217-pound small school product a winner in my book.

Now add a 42” vert, 11’2” broad, a sold 4.50 40-time, and a great Senior Bowl week... you’ve got yourself an ascending prospect.

Jeremy Chinn, DS - Southern Illinois

At 219 pounds, Chinn popped off in the jumps with an 11’6” broad and 41’ vert. The 4.46 40-yard dash ain’t bad either.

Chinn was a personal favorite of mine on film and during the Senior Bowl. Unfortunately, he’s also a player I hoped would be slept on. During the broadcast, Jeremiah mentioned that Chinn would be gone before the third round. I might as well put myself in the “Losers”, and not just because my wife said so.

Javelin K. Guidry, CB - Utah

Just the seventh cornerback in Combine history to run sub-4.3, Guidry’s impressive day didn’t end there.

Antoine Winfield Jr., DS - Minnesota

I, and others, had serious questions about how Winfield would run. With a solid 4.46 it’s a big box checked that could lead to him being selected inside of or close to the top fifty. He also crushed the on-field drills. Big day for a prospect with NFL bloodlines.


Damon Arnette, CB - Ohio State

Already entering Indy with the dreaded “character concern” flag, Arnette had a lot to prove. I can’t tell you how the interviews went, but the testing and measurements created even more flags.

The 5’11”, 195-pound Buckeye first raised eyebrows with particularly short arms (30”) for his play style, and a 4.54 40-yard dash doesn’t inspire much confidence. Arnette wins at the line, but those length and long speed issues will make even his staunchest supporters think twice.

Stanford Samuels III, CB - FSU

The historical cut-off for decent cornerbacks lands somewhere around 4.64, so Samuels better hope he’s the next Josh Norman, because that’s the lone exception to the rule. His 4.66 came right after Daniel Jeremiah prayed for a good time, as he had a “decent grade” on Samuels.

Similar to a path taken by Atlanta Falcons safety Damontae Kazee, a move to safety might need to happen for Samuels to stick in the league.

Cameron Danztler, CB - Mississippi State

Remember that 4.64 cut-off I just talked about? Dantzler’s 4.64 is playing with that same fire. The tall, rail-thin corner (6’2”, 188lb.) with short arms for his height (30 5/8”) had to show he could keep pace vertically and that 40 time isn’t close to checking that box.

Dantzler impressed in the drills, but stories of college coaches struggling to get Danztler above a mere 160 pounds early in his college career don’t bode well for adding bulk to his slim frame. If he’s not able to get bigger or faster, that’s a problem.


Great news! Both Kenneth Murray (Oklahoma) and Patrick Queen (LSU) pulled up lame and clutching their hamstrings during their second runs last night. Turns out that both linebackers suffered only minor injuries. In fact, Queen committed to do on-field drills at the LSU pro day.

Alabama safety Xavier McKinney had a slow 40-yard dash (4.64) that could be explained by an injury apparently suffered during the last part of his run. He’s faster than that time on film, so no big deal there, but I’d keep an eye out for an update on his status. Hopefully it’s minor and he can re-test at the Alabama pro day.


LSU safety Grant Delpit did not participate. He’s recovering from a high ankle sprain. Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs did on-field drills but will do his athletic testing at the Alabama pro day.