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Eagles News: Philadelphia listed as potential landing spot for Amari Cooper

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/8/20.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles, Bills among potential landing spots for Amari Cooper -
2) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: I don’t see Jerry Jones breaking the bank for Cooper, and if Dallas’ offer isn’t up to his standard, it will only take one team to put big money on the table for Cooper to leave. It wouldn’t surprise me if Eagles general manager Howie Roseman came calling. There’s no doubt Cooper could help this offense, which was extremely thin at the wide receiver position last season, with injuries plaguing nearly every starter. Cooper’s production doesn’t always match his crazy ability, but I believe he’d do well paired with a player like Alshon Jeffery. Cooper wouldn’t draw all of the attention, and he wouldn’t have to be “the guy” for the Eagles. Plus, he’d have a field day facing the Cowboys’ secondary twice a year.

Eagles announce front office changes, including the additions of Brent Celek and Darren Sproles - BGN
Here’s how the Vikings ranked in Football Outsiders’ adjusted games lost from 2013 through 2018 (2019 data not posted yet): 11th healthiest, 8th, 12th, 30th, 11th, and 12th. So, only one real bad year in there. Also, notable players like Adrian Peterson, Teddy Bridgewater, and Dalvin Cook bounced back from significant injuries while Hunkele served as a coordinator of rehabilitation in Minny. Encouraging track record. Here’s how the Rams ranked in Football Outsiders’ adjusted games lost during Rath’s first two seasons in LA (2019 data not posted yet): 1st healthiest and 4th. Good to see the Eagles, who’ve had way too many injury issues, plucking medical staff people from teams that have been able to stay healthy (relatively speaking).

The Kist & Solak Show #172: Ranking the Top 5 WR Prospects - BGN Radio
Michael Kist & Benjamin Solak discuss the official coaching moves for the Eagles’ staff & debate the top 5 wide receiver prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Theme to the Eagles’ changes: Fresh minds, fresh ideas -
Here is how it has worked for the Eagles in the past, in terms of preparing the game plan: Taylor has put together the red zone package, the wide receivers coach has put together the third-down plays, tight ends coach Justin Peelle has his hand in short-yardage and goal line, assistant head coach/running backs coach Duce Staley designs the quarterback movement plays and screens, offensive line coach/run game coordinator Jeff Stoutland handles the run game, and will get some assistance from T.J. Paganetti, the assistant run game coordinator/assistant running backs coach – and then everything funnels through the coordinator. In this scenario, all of those packages funnel through Scangarello and then, ultimately, funnel through Pederson. This is, at the end of the day, Pederson’s offense. And it was Pederson’s call to bring in fresh ideas and fresh eyes. Nobody pressured Pederson to “have new ideas.” Someone said to me on Friday, “having new ideas here is not a new idea.”

Top priority of Eagles’ revamped offensive coaching staff: more consistency from Carson Wentz - Inquirer
Andy Reid has had a passing game “analyst’’ for most of his seven seasons as the Chiefs’ head coach. “Sometimes you can get that linear thinking and not get out of the box,’’ said former Vikings head coach and Eagles assistant Brad Childress, who served as Reid’s “spread’’ game analyst his first three years in Kansas City. Childress said having separate pass and run game coordinators “promotes a new type of thinking’’ and allows the head coach/play caller to open his mind to more things. “The way it was hatched with us, the run game was done pretty early in the week,’’ Childress said. “The pass game, making the sausage for the pass game, that’s done Tuesday afternoon or evening because the players are coming back Wednesday’’ to start preparing for the next game.

The one huge reason Eagles’ coaching hires make sense - NBCSP
When you look through new Eagles senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello’s bio, as hard as you try, you literally can’t find a single link to Doug Pederson, Andy Reid or anybody else from the Reid/Pederson coaching universe. Same thing when you look through new passing game analyst Andrew Breiner’s bio. There’s nothing, no matter how hard you try to find something. And the same with new receivers coach Aaron Moorehead. It’s not easy to find offensive coaches who have no connection whatsoever to the whole Doug/Andy/Marty/Brad coaching tree. The branches spread throughout the NFL and into college football, and that speaks volumes of Andy’s ability to evaluate and develop coaches and also to the effectiveness of his offensive scheme over a long period of years. But all three of this week’s new offensive hires are outside voices. And that’s huge.

NFL experts predict: Answering the 2020 offseason’s biggest questions - ESPN+
What’s your way-too-early Super Bowl LV pick? Graziano: Eagles over Colts. I don’t know who’s going to be in next season’s Super Bowl. What I do know is that a lot of stuff is going to happen in 2020 that no one saw coming. If you had polled 6,000 people at this time last year, none of them would have had the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. Give me a bounce-back for Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson, and let’s say the Colts upgrade at quarterback and muscle past the Titans and Texans in the AFC South. [...] Who’s your pick to be next season’s MVP? Graziano: Carson Wentz. I trust Philadelphia’s front office to fix its problems this offseason, and Wentz just had a mostly healthy season and is ready to make a run at MVP glory for an Eagles team I picked to win the Super Bowl only a few paragraphs ago.

Ranking every NFL team’s quarterback situation by need - PFF
Medium — could use one if an option presents itself, but doesn’t need to be actively looking for a starter. Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz has had his fair share of highs and lows in his four-year career, with numerous injuries, strings of elite play and moments of below-average play. He improved on his 68.3 passing grade in 2016 to record the eighth best two-year passing grade when on the field in 2017-18. In the first six weeks of the 2019 season, Wentz was tied for first in PFF overall grade with Russell Wilson at 90.6 but was just 25th from Weeks 7-17 with a 61.7 grade. Philadelphia doesn’t need to be looking for a starter, but they certainly need to be looking at a backup given Wentz’ injury history.

Eagles hire Ted Rath, who was acquitted of sexual battery in 2019 - PFT
“Following the conclusion of his court case, which we closely monitored and reviewed under the Personal Conduct Policy, he rejoined the Rams,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email. “He was with the team for the duration of the 2019 season. There was no discipline from the league.” The decision not to suspend Rath, who had enough evidence against him to justify a jury trial, stands in stark contrast to the lingering sexual assault investigation of receiver Antonio Brown, who was never criminally charged, and the six-game domestic violence suspension of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who was never criminally charged or civilly sued.

2020 NFL Scouting Combine: Full list of invited prospects -
The NFL released the list of players invited to the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine on Friday. A total of 337 prospects are invited to attend the annual event, which will take place in Indianapolis from Feb. 24 through March 1.

Dak Prescott reportedly wants top money, Cowboys will “heat up” negotiations soon - Blogging The Boys
As we noted before, it’s likely that Prescott is asking for Russell Wilson money, which is $35 million a year on average and the highest annual contract value in the league. According to sources around the negotiations, that is what Prescott is asking for. On Feb 25th, the franchise tag is available for application. That is something that the Cowboys would like to avoid using because there has already been talk that Prescott might stay away from offseason activities if that happens. Those activities commence on April 6th, and with a new coaching regime, it’s more important than ever that Prescott be at those activities.

Can the Chiefs Become the Next NFL Dynasty? - The Ringer
Is this the dawn of the NFL’s next great dynasty? That question, in one form or another, gets thrown around after nearly every Super Bowl, particularly when the new champs are led by a young, ascending quarterback. (And especially when the champs aren’t the Patriots.) We heard it when a then-27-year-old Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to a Super Bowl XLV win; when a 25-year-old Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory; and even when Nick Foles filled in for a then-25-year-old Carson Wentz and the Eagles won Super Bowl LII. And we’re hearing it again now about the Patrick Mahomes–led Chiefs. The fact that none of Rodgers, Wilson, or Foles/Wentz has led his team to another Super Bowl win in the years since, though, illustrates just how rare true dynasties are in the NFL. It also serves as a reminder that the Super Bowl hangover is real, whether that’s because the league is set up to manufacture parity (through the salary cap, reverse draft order, and schedule-making) or, as Chiefs head coach Andy Reid noted this week, that reigning champs tend to get “everybody’s best game” the year after. Kansas City’s path back to the big game is littered with pitfalls.

XFL Rules and Players to Know Ahead of Opening Weekend - MMQB
Remember the insane scramble that replaced the coin toss to determine possession in the first rendition of the XFL back in 2001? A player from each team lined up on the 35-yard-line and then raced and dove towards the ball placed at the 50-yard-line, wrestling with the other player to secure possession. Yeah, that’s not happening in this version of the XFL, but there are plenty of other rules changes to get excited about. If you’re like me and can’t bear to watch conservative coaching and brutally boring extra point attempts (seriously, if you were Andy Reid and you had Patrick Mahomes at quarterback and that array of offensive weapons, why wouldn’t you go for two every time?!) then the XFL is the football league for you.

Ask a former NFL player: What happens if a 17th game is added to the regular season? - SB Nation
Negotiations are heating up as the collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of the 2020 season. Both sides would like to get a deal done before the start of this season to avoid a lockout and also to present a unified front to the networks as rights deals are forthcoming. There’s big money to be made if both sides make nice, which I think they understand. A way to increase revenue is adding another game and possibly another two playoff teams. More games = higher TV rights deals and more money for all. Of course, the owners would get more money than the players. Currently, they are proposing moving the players’ cut from 47 percent to 48.5 percent. While that is an increase, I’m not sure it’s enough for the added risk on the players’ bodies. We are partners in this game and should have a 50-50 cut in the profits. But whether or not I like the revenue split, it appears 17 games is going to happen. When the number of games does increase, another bye week will be added. In addition, the roster size needs to increase from 53 to 58.


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