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Eagles News: Doug Pederson weighs in on Philadelphia’s coaching staff changes

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/24/20.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Insider Exclusive: One-on-one with Doug Pederson -
”I think the offensive side of the ball, Andrew Breiner (pass game analyst), who has been a former college head coach, I want him to analyze our passing offense. He can study our offense, he can study offenses around the league, he can study college offenses, and bring us some fresh ideas. [...] Rich Scangarello is our senior offensive assistant. I was intrigued by his resume, where he’s sort of come from, how he’s worked himself up in this league. He was a coordinator last year in Denver. He’s worked with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. He’s worked with quarterbacks. He’s been with Kyle in Atlanta. He started as a quality control coach just like myself. Very sharp, both these guys are sharp, bright minds, been around some really sharp football minds themselves.”

Cap casualty Prince Amukamara should interest the Eagles - BGN
Did I mention that Amukamara has played in 58 of a potential 64 games in the last four years? What cornerback have the Eagles have that come close to that 91% mark of availability? The Eagles want to “get younger”, but the reality is the only area were the recent collection of Eagles corners have the advantage over the steady and soon-to-be 31 Amukamara is youth. He can’t be the only addition to the group, but Amukamara represents a bargain for what he’ll likely fetch on the market. The Eagles have had nothing that come close to his run of consistency and dependability, and by all accounts he’s a great locker room guy. It’s not the flashiest move, but it’s one the Eagles need to seriously consider. They’ve done a hell of a lot worse.

Alshon vs. Thrash in Roob’s 10 Observations! - NBCSP
ALSHON VS. JAMES THRASH: Forget all the Carson stuff. Forget about the injuries and the terrible body language and the awful contract and the dropped passes that turned into Nick Foles interceptions in the Super Bowl and the playoff loss to the Saints. Let’s just focus on production, and Alshon Jeffery in three seasons in an Eagles uniform has 165 catches, 2,122 yards and 19 touchdowns. Let’s do a little comparison of three WRs. These are averages based on their years when they were regulars on the Eagles: Todd Pinkston: 44 catches, 659 yards, 15.0 ypc, 4.0 TDs ... James Thrash: 55 catches, 675 yards, 12.4 ypc, 5.0 TDs ... Alshon Jeffery: 55 catches, 707 yards, 12.9 ypc, 6 TDs. Jeffery did have a big 2017 postseason, but for the most part he’s been a pedestrian receiver since he’s been here. He’s the 14th-highest-paid WR in the NFL, but since 2017 he’s 37th among WRs in yards per game (54). He’s an underachieving, overpaid, injury-prone 30-year-old James Thrash clone. Howie’s gotta find an exit strategy.

Wide receiver once again a priority offseason need for Eagles after missing on Arcega-Whiteside in 2019 draft - A JM Joint
Picking the wrong guy is going to be inevitable. That is the nature of the draft. It is a roll of the dice but the best you can do is make sound decisions following a sharp process. However, the process on this decision is already proving to be ineffective. It has only been one year but there is evidence to suggest Metcalf is destined for stardom while Arcega-Whiteside fights to belong on an NFL roster. Even with the low volume, Arcega-Whiteside was historically inefficient with his opportunity. Since 2004, Arcega-Whiteside is one of seven rookie receivers drafted in the first two rounds to see 20 or more targets but record 10 or fewer receptions. The other names on this list do not inspire any confidence that a turnaround is on the horizon. On the other hand, Metcalf is one of seven rookie receivers since 2004 to record at least 900 yards, seven touchdowns on 15 yards per reception. He joins a list containing A.J. Green, Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Juju Smith-Schuster and fellow members of the 2019 draft class Terry McLaurin and A.J. Brown.

With Howie Roseman and the Eagles, NFL scouting combine week is always about more than just the draft - Inquirer
Does Roseman really expect to win the Lombardi Trophy this season, or is he hoping to field a competitive team that has a puncher’s chance, while building toward another truly dominant team in a year or two? This will be the fifth time Roseman has spoken at the combine since his return to power in 2016, at the end of his Chip Kelly-imposed exile. The same holds true for Pederson, hired in 2016, but the coach’s remarks are usually just a prelude to his longer session at the NFL owners’ meeting in March, when we’ll be well into free agency and closer to the draft. With Roseman at Indianapolis, the focus has tended to be on something other than the upcoming draft.

On the road again (and again): One day in the life of an NFL area scout - The Athletic
As a scout, Wolking’s job is twofold. First is evaluating the player. Second, and probably more important, is figuring out as much as possible about the person. By the time the Eagles draft someone, dozens of people in the organization will have watched and critiqued a prospect’s film. Wolking could be the only one who has talked with the player’s coaches, tutors, trainers and others who have insight into the personality and habits of a 22-year-old. The purpose of that homework is not just to help the Eagles decide whom to select come draft time, but also to ensure they’re doing everything they can to help the player be successful once he joins the team. Wolking tries to keep four questions in mind when learning about a prospect: What type of person is he, what type of teammate is he, what type of worker is he and how does he learn? If, for instance, a player is a visual learner, the Eagles will know not to overwhelm him early with playbook X’s and O’s. Even though it’s early in the morning, Wolking waltzes into Tennessee’s football facility. Like any good scout, he knows which doors are always open.

Sources: NFL player leadership remains divided over 17-game season - ESPN
NFL player leadership is still majorly divided over the thought of a 17-game season. Player reps fell into three categories when discussing the proposed new collective bargaining agreement, sources told ESPN: those who do not want 17 games, those who will accept it with tweaks to the deal, and those who accept it as-is. Those reps held a conference call Friday and were set to vote on the deal, but getting a two-thirds majority was far from a slam dunk, a source said. The NFL Players Association decided to postpone voting, giving all parties involved a few days to sleep on the proposal and meet at this week’s NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. ”Anything is possible at this point,” a source said.

Why CBA Negotiations Hit a Snag, What to Watch for at the Combine and What Tom Brady’s Future Might Hold - MMQB
Since the combine is this week, we’re dedicating the All-32 to the draft, and giving you one position where every team could use an infusion of youth. Here we go ... Eagles: Cornerback. Philly was in the running for Jalen Ramsey, and inquired on Darius Slay and other corners at the trade deadline last year, so there’s no question this looms as a priority for the team this offseason. And that’s regardless of what the team does with Ronald Darby.

A 2020 Combine Primer and My Prescription to Save the Ill-Fated Pass Interference Replay System - FMIA
My CBA gut: I am not optimistic it gets done this week.

What should the Redskins do at Quarterback? - Hogs Haven
While it may be a good idea to use a mid-to-late round draft pick or UDFA to reinforce the position, Ron Rivera’s early comments strongly indicate that the Redskins intend to sign a veteran free agent to back up Haskins or challenge him for the starting job in 2020. In my heart, I don’t think Ron Rivera wants to start his tenure in DC with a true camp competition between Dwayne and somebody else, but he might. It seems more likely that the new head coach wants to insure that Haskins, currently staring at a dearth of competition, feels motivated to work hard this off-season to keep the job that appears to be his regardless (irregardless, even). I’ve decided to approach this article from the standpoint that the Redskins want a veteran quarterback, and that guy needs to exist in a very narrow spot on the QB continuum. Firstly, he doesn’t have to be a great mentor-type. Dwayne has Alex Smith for the 2020 season no matter what, and Alex has a reputation for being great at helping younger guys develop. Secondly, the guy has to be able to play — well enough so that, during camp, Dwayne feels pushed to keep his job, and well enough that, if Dwayne twists an ankle during a game, the other guy can win off the bench or as a spot-starter.

Matt McGloin replaced in third-quarter - DraftKings Nation
Matt McGloin took a third-down sack in the first quarter, suffering a ribs injury in the process. McGloin got headlines last week after questioning the coaching during in-game interviews and eventually was benched in a blowout. Marquise Williams took over last week but couldn’t get much going, especially through the air. [BLG Note: Former Eagles QB isn’t doing so well in the XFL.]

The first XFL kick return touchdown shows why its rule is better than the NFL’s - SB Nation
Time will tell if the various differences between the XFL and NFL result in a better product, but one thing the fledgling league is doing is its unique approach to kickoffs. It took a couple weeks, but we finally got the first kick return for a touchdown. And damn, was it a fun one. Not only was it fun, it included a bit of trickeration by the receiving team, the St. Louis BattleHawks. After fielding the kick, Keith Mumphery pitched it to Joe Powell on a reverse, and he outran the entirety of the New York Guardians team for a 90-yard touchdown.


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