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Eagles News: Carson Wentz led the NFL in accurately thrown deep passes that went incomplete

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/23/20.

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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The 2019-20 Deep Ball Project (Part 3/3) - Brick Wall Blitz
However, Wentz’s deep accuracy remains high in spite of a 31.37 completion percentage thanks to 12 Accurate Incompletions that came through the hands of his Hallmark Channel receiving talent. He stood out throwing 26-30 yards (5th) as well as 41+ yards (7th), and was great against edge pressure and outside the pocket (ranking 6th in both categories). For many people the postseason narrative defines him, but Eagles fans should be happy to have Wentz as the starter, and his 4-game stretch to finish the 2019 season with a decimated receiving corps essentially proved that. All in all, he was able to put together a great season of deep passing even with the setbacks at the skill position.

Eagles free agent linebacker targets: Buy or Sell? - BGN
But Martinez is a clearly limited player who is more valuable as a rookie glue guy than he is a second-contract veteran contributor. In that Martinez was found in the fourth round by the Packers, you should be able to find a Martinez or two every year in the fourth round. (That’s what the plan likely was with Joe Schobert.) Martinez is a low-quality coverage player who struggles to fill his responsibilities in short zones. Here in Invert 2, a coverage that the Eagles run all the time, Martinez incorrectly drops into the middle hole when he should be working to the weak hook to his right, where the route develops.

Comparing Byron Jones to Eagles cornerbacks Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby - PhillyVoice
Jones would be a major upgrade in the Eagles’ secondary. He would not only force more punts as a result of more incompletions and far better tackling than what the Eagles have gotten, but would also, in theory, give the Eagles’ pass rush more time to get to the quarterback. As noted, simply improving on the Eagles’ bad corner play should be easy, as it would be difficult to be much worse. But even compared to the other top corner that is kinda-sorta available, the LionsDarius Slay, Jones compares favorably.

As the World Turns - Iggles Blitz
There is an argument for the Eagles keeping Jeffery because the team is so thin at WR right now. That aside, I think the Eagles have to cut him. Stories about Jeffery are probably going to keep popping up. We don’t know he was the source for this item, but the point is that there is a lot of noise surrounding Jeffery and that isn’t likely to go away. He will be a distraction. The Eagles need everyone on the same page and working together. Having a star player leak complaints just isn’t healthy. This isn’t some TO type of circus with a star player dividing the locker room and ripping the team apart. This is a veteran player griping to sources when he’s not happy. That certainly isn’t a good thing, but Jeffery isn’t nuts. He’s just not happy, for whatever reason. Keep your fingers crossed that a new CBA gets approved so the Eagles can cut Jeffery and it won’t hurt as much.

What the Eagles’ handling of Zach Ertz’s contract will say about Dallas Goedert and their plans at tight end - Inquirer
The Eagles were forced to use 12-personnel more than any other team last season. They had two tight ends on the field 54% of the time, way ahead of the Titans’ 40%. While they ranked only 23d in the league in terms of yards per pass attempt in 12-personnel (7.2), it was still higher than their 6.5 average in 11-personnel (one tight end, three receivers). “Obviously, 12 has been a productive personnel group for us,” Eagles coach Doug Pederson said last month. “There are times on third down where you probably want to be in a little more 11, put a little more speed out on the field and things of that nature. But again, as we go through the season and dealt with the amount of injuries that we had, we felt as a staff, offensively, that our best was 12, and having both Zach and Dallas on the field at the same time.”

Sibling fights to Super Bowls: Kelce boys have always been life of party - ESPN
“[Travis] was always a lot more concerned how he looked going to school,” Ed said. “Jason, you’d have to tell him, ‘You can’t wear that. It’s got pizza sauce from last night on it.’ Travis would ask you to iron his jeans. There was always that thing about looking good.” [...] ”His clothes, how he was put together, it was very important to [Travis],” Donna said. “His image was very important to him and how other people looked at him and felt about him. Jason is pretty much the type of guy where it’s like you either like me or you don’t, and this is the way I am and I’m not changing. That’s about the only difference between the two of them. What they care about and what they value in life I think is basically the same. It’s just one has a little bit more need to be put together physically and the other one needs to be accepted for who he is.”

Signature Stat Spotlight: Cornerbacks - PFF
Among cornerbacks with at least 300 coverage snaps played, Philadelphia Eagles’ Ronald Darby ranked dead last in yards allowed per coverage snap at 2.02. He allowed 39 receptions for 664 yards and six touchdowns from just 62 targets in 2019. Brian Poole, D.J. Hayden, Richard Sherman, Byron Jones and Casey Hayward led all qualifying cornerbacks in yards allowed per coverage snap.

Carson Wentz, Lou Holtz coming to Convocation - Liberty University
Prior to becoming the face of Philadelphia, Wentz was a part of five consecutive FCS National Championships at North Dakota State. He was then selected second overall in the 2016 NFL draft and was immediately named the Eagles starter for the 2016 campaign. The following season, Wentz was on pace for an MVP caliber year before tearing his ACL in Week 14. The Eagles continued to show resilience behind backup quarterback and former Liberty Online master’s student Nick Foles, concluding the 2017 season with a 41-33 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots. Despite battling multiple injuries over the course of his four-year professional football career, Wentz is one of the NFL’s finest talents.

Ask a former NFL player: Is a players’ strike the best option in the CBA negotiations? - SB Nation
The best leverage the players have in any collective bargaining negotiations is not playing. If we don’t play, then the owners don’t make money. However, we don’t make money either, and that’s the rub. The owners are billionaires. Most players have a net worth under .005 percent of their owners. If the owners make no profit, or even incur a deficit during a strike or missed season, they can withstand it. Players cannot. Most players have a short career and any year in which they aren’t earning money is one less earning year of their career. But most importantly, players do not prepare well for these situations. I was part of the lockout in 2011. We were told for years to save money for the lockout. Plenty of players did not. And when the lockout appeared to continue into training camp, players told NFLPA leadership they needed a deal because they couldn’t afford to sit out. So we signed a deal that wasn’t great.


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