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Report: Eagles are looking to move Alshon Jeffery

And Jeffery would “welcome the change of scenery.”

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Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are “looking to move” Alshon Jeffery, according to reporting from The Athletic’s Connor Hughes.

The following comes from Hughes’ story about Jeffery potentially being an option for the New York Jets:

Jeffery found himself at the center of midseason drama, too, which seems a key cog in Philadelphia’s interest in a divorce. With the Eagles offense in a slump, ESPN cited an anonymous source who ripped quarterback Carson Wentz and the group’s ability to function. Radio host Howard Eskin outed Jeffery as that source that week. While ESPN’s Josina Anderson denied it was Jeffery, several other Eagles reporters confirmed it, too. League sources told The Athletic that Wentz and Jeffery never saw eye-to-eye and their relationship was testy.

The Eagles are looking to move Jeffery, league sources confirmed to The Athletic. And Jeffery would welcome the change of scenery.

This sentiment lines up with what we’ve been alluding to here on Bleeding Green Nation and BGN Radio for some time now. I had the following exchange with Jimmy Kempski just this past weekend:

JIMMY: I’m already on the record over and over again saying that I think they’re going to cut Alshon Jeffery.

BLG: But why? Because I write this on BGN and people are like, ‘You’re crazy. It’s not going to happen.’

JIMMY: Well, I think they just want him out of the building. And rightfully so. I mean, it’s two straight years he criticized the starting quarterback.

BLG: Yeah, but how do you know it was him?

JIMMY: I can’t say that. But I’m extremely confident that it was him. And I think the Eagles know it was him. So, I think they’re going to want to get him out of the building. And I think they’re just going to take their medicine and take the cap hit.

Some have been reluctant to believe the Eagles will actually release Jeffery. Cutting him to create $26 million in dead money is no minor deal. In fact, it’d be the largest individual dead money charge in NFL history.

But the Eagles might be able to cut Jeffery without being on the hook for all $26 million in 2020. If a new CBA comes together — and it’s worth noting NFL owners have approved the terms of such a deal — there could be an option to designate Jeffery as a post-June 1 release. The Eagles would be able to “only” incur a dead million charge of ~$16.7 million in 2020, preventing them from losing ~$10 million in cap space this offseason.

Remain skeptical about the Eagles moving on from Jeffery if you wish. The reality is there’s more and more evidence that points to his time in Philly quickly coming to an end.


UPDATE: Jeffery’s agent weighs in.

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