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What happens with Alshon Jeffery? Should the Eagles sign Byron Jones? And more offseason questions to ponder

BGN Radio Episode 105!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

What better way to pass a slow time for Philadelphia Eagles news than by listening to the latest BGN Radio podcast featuring Jimmy Kempski and myself? You can [CLICK HERE TO PLAY] or stream our conversation below:


  • Announcing the winner of the Jason Kelce - Travis Kelce bobblehead giveaway!
  • Thoughts on the Eagles’ front office changes: Why the medical staff hirings are encouraging, Jim Schwartz’s increasing influence, and whether it’s good or bad to add former players to the organization.
  • Conflicting reports on whether Duce Staley inquired about leaving the Eagles to go to South Carolina. How much longer is Duce going to stay in Philly?
  • What was up with that article that quickly got censored on
  • Are the Eagles actually going to cut Alshon Jeffery? An excerpt from the pod:

JIMMY: I’m already on the record over and over again saying that I think they’re going to cut Alshon Jeffery.

BLG: But why? Because I write this on BGN and people are like, ‘You’re crazy. It’s not going to happen.’

JIMMY: Well, I think they just want him out of the building. And rightfully so. I mean, it’s two straight years he criticized the starting quarterback.

BLG: Yeah, but how do you know it was him?

JIMMY: I can’t say that. But I’m extremely confident that it was him. And I think the Eagles know it was him. So, I think they’re going to want to get him out of the building. And I think they’re just going to take their medicine and take the cap hit.

  • Should the Eagles sign Byron Jones in free agency?
  • ESPN proposed an Eagles trade for Darius Slay. Would you do the deal?
  • Does Demarcus Robinson really make sense for the Eagles?
  • A conversation about Derek Barnett and the team’s upcoming fifth-year option decision.
  • One mock draft target who doesn’t seem like a realistic fit for Philly. And is there any chance Henry Ruggs III actually falls to No. 21?
  • Previewing Jimmy’s “beat writer faceoff” post by guessing the top five question askers.
  • Initial impressions of the XFL
  • Final thoughts and more!

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Up next: Stay tuned for more BGN Radio offseason podcasts!

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