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Top 21 quotes from Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles’

Including: “F*** Dallas”

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Amazon Original series All or Nothing featuring the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles came out on Amazon Prime Video nearly a week ago, so, I’m guessing you’ve already watched it by now. If you haven’t, well, this post obviously contains SPOILERS. Also, some NSFW language lies ahead.

I already wrote up some notes after watching an advanced screening but I didn’t want to give everything away in that article. Now that the series is out for public consumption, let’s take a look the top quotes that stood out.

1 - DeSean Jackson: “Fuck Dallas. We hate Dallas.”

This is straight up catnip (bird seed?) for Eagles fans. “Fuck Dallas” is basically every first comment on every article to ever exist on this website. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say DeSean reads BGN.

This quote came when Doug Pederson had Jackson come up to the front of the room during a team meeting ahead of the Eagles’ Week 16 game against the Dallas Cowboys. A little surprising to see since 1) Jackson’s not known for being a rah-rah guy by any means and 2) guys on injured reserve typically seem to be out of the picture.

Cool to see Jackson stressing the importance of beating the Cowboys ahead of Zach Ertz’s “burn the ships” speech.

2 - Brandon Graham roasting the crap out of La’el Collins

If you didn’t already know that Graham is a big trash talker, you’ll certainly learn as much after watching this series.

Graham showed no mercy to Cowboys starting right tackle La’el Collins during Week 16. After telling a ref that Collins holding him was the only way he could be stopped, Graham unleashed the following:

“Fat boy right here” … “Too many cupcakes” … “I know he had a cheesesteak when he got to this motherfucker.”

But Graham threw in a little self-deprecation as well:

“Them bitches good as hell, I eat’ em too!”

BLG is easily the star of All or Nothing. Glad he’s an Eagle.

3 - The first time we’ve ever really heard Doug Pederson pissed off

We’ve never heard Doug angrier than he was after the Eagles’ 37 to 10 loss to the Cowboys in Dallas.

“Embarrassing! You put that jersey on and you go out there and do that right there. Embarrassing. You look hard in the mirror, you figure out what you have to do first to get it fixed, get it right. Gotta get it right, men. We can’t do what we’re doing and expect to win. You go stand in front of the microphone tonight, you be honest with yourself. You own it. Man-to-man. You own it. We get this thing right.”

He was obviously right to be angry but it was also kind of weird to hear him use the word “embarrassing” twice after he essentially guaranteed they were going to beat Dallas ... before then trying to walk it back.

4 - Lane Johnson: “Keep throwing it to that son of a bitch right there”

After watching DeSean roast Washington’s secondary in Week 1, Philadelphia’s starting right tackle didn’t mind giving former Eagles offensive coordinator Mike Groh some advice.

“Hey, keep throwing it to that son of a bitch right there! Keeping throwing it to that little dickhead right there!”

As a bonus, you have to love BLG’s reaction to Jackson’s first touchdown back with the Eagles:


5 - “Hey Howie, fuck you!”

Eagles executive vice president/general manager Howie Roseman explained how he was inspired to get tinted windows after a fan saw him in his car after a loss, flipped him off, and said those four words to him.

(No, it wasn’t me who did it.)

6 - Brandon Brooks: “If you can play here, you can play anywhere, and that is 100% true.”

Driving to a Sixers game one night, Brooks and Isaac Seumalo were talking about the intensity of Eagles fans. Brooks mentioned that the things he hears lets him know how much the Eagles’ success really means to people in Philly.

“Hey, you guys want to do the body issue? How about you guys fucking block?!” ... “I was gonna take my kids to Disney world, but instead I came out here for this shit?!” ... “If you can play here, you can play anywhere, and that is 100% true.”

7 - Young kid asks Carson Wentz: “What happened with so many fumbles this year?!” … “We lost to the Dolphins! The Dolphins though!”

While at an event for kids, one young Eagles fan wasn’t letting Wentz off easy ... despite the fact the Eagles had just beaten the Cowboys.

Just another reminder that the pressure is always on in Philly.

8 - Avonte Maddox still wanted to stay in the game despite suffering an injury that required him to be hospitalized

Maddox said the following after being rendered motionless thanks to a reckless hit from former Eagles teammate Andrew Sendejo:

“I’m good. We gotta win. […] We got one minute left. We’re about to finish it.”

As a reminder, Maddox had to be stretchered off the field and hospitalized for the injury he suffered. He also missed several games while having to wear a neck brace.

You can’t doubt Maddox’s toughness.

9 - Dallas Goedert: “I do take care of the bills, I guess I can say I’m the man of the house.”

The series highlighted how Goedert, Maddox, and Jalen Embry (Maddox’s godbrother) all live together in one house. And shoot each other with Nerf guns.

10 - Carson Wentz’s tongue-in-cheek comment about Eagles fans

In Week 2, Zach Ertz was shown praising Wentz for making that incredible throw to Mack Hollins while being tackled. Wentz responded by saying “I’m not down! Don’t blow [the whistle].”

Ahead of the Eagles’ Week 4 game, Wentz went up to a ref to tell him not to blow him down so early. The ref responded by talking about Eagles fans not being the biggest fans of his calls and how he heard “a-hole” chants in Philly. Wentz’s reply:

“No, you must’ve heard ‘em wrong, they’re a lot nicer than that.”

Well played, Carson.

11 - Press Taylor to Zach Ertz: “We didn’t try to get you the ball enough early.”

I thought this was an interesting admission from Philadelphia’s quarterbacks coach heading into the Eagles’ Week 9 game against the Chicago Bears. We don’t typically get to see coaches admit to players that they’ve messed up.

Taylor’s words weren’t just empty, either. Ertz from Week 6 through Week 8: 8 receptions, 112 yards, 0 TD. Ertz’s next three games: 30 receptions, 288 yards, 2 TD.

12 - Tim Brady (sic)

Graham was really hyped up for the Eagles’ game against the Patriots. He took aim at New England’s Super Bowl losing quarterback, Tom Brady.

“Today he’s Tim Brady cause he ain’t gonna be himself today!”

Appreciate how Graham mixed dad humor — the series does often portray Graham as a family man, after all — into his hype up routine.

After actually sacking Brady, Graham goes:

“Fucking Tim! Fucking Tim!”

Again, I love BLG.

13 - Dallas Goedert sees the future?

With the Eagles practicing a fake field goal ahead of the team’s Week 6 game against the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Goedert says the following to Andrew Sendejo:

“Hey, if our fake don’t work, I’m coming after you! You’re gonna hit up the Vikings organization to be like ‘Yeah, hey, watch Dallas on field goal! We got a fake in this week. Don’t let him loose! He can’t catch but …’”

The weird thing is that the Vikings DID seem to know that trick was coming. They snuffed it out during the game.

The Eagles waived Sendejo a few weeks later and he was claimed by ... the Vikings.

14 - Malcolm Jenkins has the Eagles’ defense on his fantasy team

While on set for an interview with Chris Long and Kay Adams, fantasy football writer James Koh asked Jenkins about his fantasy team. Jenkins mentioned that he had the Eagles’ defense ... and was honest about how that wasn’t always a good thing.

“I did bench Kirk Cousins when he played us, that was a big mistake.”

15 - Breaking the fourth wall

When Dallas Goedert’s touchdown against the Patriots in Week 11 was being reviewed, a camera guy told a huddled group of Eagles quarterbacks that “[Tony] Romo says [it’s a] touchdown.”

Wentz responded with:

“Romo’s usually right. When he’s an analyst, he’s usually right.”

I thought it was interesting to see a player react to what a broadcaster was saying during the game. You obviously never see that.

16 - Seeing what the players are saying walking off the field

After losing to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12, Graham and Jason Kelce were shown having a conversation as they walked off the field.

Graham: “Honestly, real shit, what we gonna do? We been missing guys.”

Kelce: “We still gotta execute. Our guys who have been here for a long time haven’t played great.”

Thought it was honest of Graham to say how fans were feeling at the time: that the Eagles were just so banged up. And thought it was good of Kelce to not being willing to make excuses.

17 - A small moment of what leadership looks like

After making a first down conversion in Week 11, rookie Eagles wide receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside received some encouragement from a veteran.

“Hey, when you needed to make a play, you made it. Remember that. Remember that.”

18 - Reactions to the crazy Carson Wentz to Miles Sanders touchdown in Week 16

The play:

Graham: “That was fucking sweet! That was a fucking dart. Bitch!”

Pederosn to Wentz: “That was a hell of a throw, dude.” … Wentz to Pederson: “I was a little nervous when I released it.”

Legitimately amazing throw and catch.

19 - Jason Peters: “Hey Carson, take care of the ball for me.”

Remember when Peters told Jake Elliott “no more misses” in Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season? And then Elliott went on to hit a 61-yard game winning field goal?

Well, this time Wentz fumbled in the fourth quarter and JP told Wentz to take care of the ball ahead of the Eagles’ game-winning touchdown drive against Washington in Week 15.

I’d be afraid to let Jason Peters down, too.

20 - Josh McCoach

After Wentz threw a game-tying touchdown against the New York Giants in Week 14, Josh McCown had the following to say to his teammate:

“Buddy, listen, c’mhere. I want you to understand something. Big picture wise, the story of Carson Wentz, that’s how you play football. You are processing at such a high speed. All of it. Just beautiful, man. Just, ding ding ding ding. You know what I mean? It was unreal. That’s it, though. You know what I’m saying, Nate [Sudfeld]? That’s how you play quarterback, bro. That drive right there. Just surgical, man. That’s how you do it.”

McCown reportedly told the Eagles he doesn’t want to get into coaching because he still wants to play. I’m not sure that his body can really hold up anymore but it’d be great to have McCown back with the team in 2020.

Wentz literally said McCown was “like another coach, another set of eyes.”

It was really sad to see how devastated McCown was after the Eagles’ playoff loss. He really felt like he let the team down.

21 - Doug Pederson: “I love every one of you like a son.”

This was said after the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Seahawks.

We often talk about how Doug is such a dad. Well, here he is admitting as much.

Emotional intelligence.

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