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Eagles News: “One NFL source told CBS Sports it’s more likely than not the Eagles will try to trade Carson Wentz”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/9/20.

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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Forecasting Carson Wentz’s future: What are Eagles’ options, 2021 landing spots, contract scenarios - CBS Sports
Now that Hurts has also been handed at least one start (and, likely, the rest of the season), it’s going to be hard to put the genie back in the bottle. Asked this week what Philly will do after the season, one NFL source told CBS Sports it’s more likely than not the Eagles will try to trade Wentz. The source, who is familiar with Eagles management, added that it’s “possible but not likely” the team will view Wentz as salvageable, and that Wentz’s “lack of consistency and injury history make him expendable.” Former Eagle Chris Long, who counts both Wentz and Foles as close friends after their 2017 title run together, probably hit the nail on the head when he speculated on his Green Light podcast this week that Wentz and Pederson are no longer married now that Hurts has taken over. In Long’s mind, the final four games of 2020 will likely allow higher-ups (e.g. owner Jeffrey Lurie, or perhaps even general manager Howie Roseman) to determine whether this lost season was primarily due to Wentz or Doug, and then sever ties with at least one of them. In other words, if Pederson’s team suddenly comes alive with the rookie QB, management can justify — fairly or not — blaming 2020 on Wentz and proceeding accordingly. If Hurts also fails to elevate the offense, management can easier justify rebooting the coaching staff and trying to rebuild around Wentz.

Could the Colts become a 2021 destination for Carson Wentz? - PFT
With Reich running he offense, Wentz became the MVP favorite, before he suffered a torn ACL three years ago this week. The Colts signed Philip Rivers, who turns 39 today, to a one-year, $25 million deal. They’ll have to decide on a quarterback for 2021. Could Wentz be the guy? The Eagles likely wouldn’t get much for Wentz in trade, but they also wouldn’t have to do a Brock Osweiler hot potato trade to get Wentz off the books. Yes, trading Wentz would result in a cap charge of nearly $28 million. Keeping him, however, entails a cap charge north of $34 million. If he’s not the starter, they should take the cap charge, dump the $25 million cash obligation for 2021, and avoid the $15 million guarantee for 2022.

Carson Wentz’s possible suitors: Which teams could trade for him this offseason? - The Athletic
“Philip Rivers turned 39 on Tuesday and is on a one-year contract. The Colts have broached the idea of bringing him back for 2021, but until we learn more about the possibility of offseason foot surgery and Rivers’ intentions, it’s difficult to predict how things will play out. If and when Rivers retires, the Colts will have issues. Jacoby Brissett is scheduled to be a free agent, and their only other quarterback is 2020 fourth-round pick Jacob Eason. Interest in Wentz would make sense. Rivers is a Reich retread from their San Diego days. And prior to signing Rivers in March, the Colts’ backup plan was another Reich retread: Foles. So, it is not a stretch to connect the dots to Wentz. From a financial standpoint, the Colts could handle it. They have well over $40 million in cap space dedicated to quarterbacks, all of which comes off the books at the end of 2020.”

BREAKING: Eagles will start Jalen Hurts, not Carson Wentz, at quarterback in Week 14 Saints game - BGN
This news hardly comes as a surprise. Wentz was pulled for Hurts during the Eagles’ loss to the Packers on Sunday and he gave Philly’s offense a much-needed spark. The Eagles ran 24 plays when Hurts was in the game for 131 yards (5.5 average) and six points (would’ve been seven if not for a missed PAT kick). The Eagles ran 36 plays when Wentz was in for 127 yards (3.5 average) and three points. The Eagles are making the right move here. There wasn’t much to be gained by continuing to play a struggling Wentz. He’s a broken player right now and there’s been no indication that more playing time is the solution to fixing him. Maybe a step back will actually do him good in the long run.

Special: Jalen Hurts Named Starter EMERGENCY SHOW! - BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gowton and Benjamin Solak team up to tackle the news that Jalen Hurts will be the Eagles starter against the Saints!

Off Day Debrief #14: Steelers lose + Bills whip 49ers + AFC/NFC Playoff Picture - The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera (Niners Nation) and Brandon Lee Gowton (Bleeding Green Nation) react to two surprising games on Monday Night Football, and break down the current playoff picture in both conferences. Have the Steelers doubters been right all along? Buffalo Rumblings’ Spencer Pennington on the Bills domination of the Niners. Which current AFC playoff team will fall out, and who sneaks in? Is it time to jump off the Seahawks’ bandwagon? Why the Vikings aren’t going away.

Hurts It Is - Iggles Blitz
Hurts is far from a sure thing. He might struggle as well. But he does offer hope and that’s something this team needs right now. Some people said Hurts only had success because of his legs. That’s not true. The throw to Jalen Reagor came from the pocket and had great touch and accuracy. Hurts gave his receiver a chance to make a big play and that’s just what happened. Some people said Hurts faced soft coverage. Not true. Re-watch his throws. He’s got covered receivers on almost every play. There was one pass to Zach Ertz where the TE was wide open. The Packers kept pressure on Hurts and tried to shut him down. Hurts will now have a full week of practice. He’ll have reps with the line and receivers to try and get on the same page. Hurts will be facing the #1 defense in the league so that will be a tough task. If Wentz got the start, it would be an impossible task.

Eagles deviate from Andy Reid script by choosing Jalen Hurts over Carson Wentz - ESPN
It remains to be seen whether Wentz will respond with a similar mentality, or if his confidence will be further shaken by an extended absence from the starting lineup. There’s also his relationship with the organization to consider. While McNabb reacted well on the field, the benching stirred questions about his long-term standing with the team. He played only one more season in Philadelphia before being traded to Washington on Easter Sunday 2010. There are longer-term risks involved in this Wentz-Hurts decision, but it was the right one in the interest of the 2020 Eagles and the men who take the field each week. It’s not the job of the coach to look too far beyond that.

What’s next for Carson Wentz after being benched? - NBCSP
If you’re elite, you overcome it. If you’re decent, you make the best of it. But when you get to the point where you just can’t make plays to help your team win, that’s when you need to sit. And if Wentz had just dealt with all that adversity a little better he’d still be playing. But he was truly awful, the kind of awful you just can’t believe from a player who was so good the last few years. When you look at the NFL quarterback leaders and see that he’s ahead of only Sam Darnold and Drew Lock, you know it’s time for a change. If you think about it, this really isn’t about Jalen Hurts as much as it’s about Carson Wentz.

Eagles Bench Carson Wentz Posted - Over The Cap
I do like this move for a few reasons. The Wentz contract was about to consume Philadelphia for the next three months at least, if not longer. With the team now 1.5 games behind the Giants and the Football Team with just four games left I don’t think they could let Wentz be the focal point of any stretch run. They probably have to win 3 games to stay in contention and with Wentz its basically win or bust. With Hurts at least you change the narrative. You aren’t getting peppered with questions and comments about Wentz. The players aren’t forced to throw Wentz under the bus and/or lose even more confidence in someone who may be the QB next year. Now you start to look more at the positives and negatives of the rookie QB, how the players react to him, how he prepares each week and so on. This can also become your offseason story rather than how bad Wentz is and how messed up the Eagles roster is. It’s a small audition but it also should give Philadelphia some insight into their young QB. Because things have gone so bad this year Philadelphia now finds themselves in a position to draft a top QB, which is a possibility I don’t think anyone is really talking about because they are so focused on Wentz’ contract and the Eagles cap situation.

QB Jalen Hurts to start Sunday vs. Saints -
The decision was his and his alone, Pederson said, and he did not want to get into the hypotheticals of whether Hurts would be the starting quarterback for the remainder of the 2020 season. Pederson also did not discuss the specifics of his conversations with both Hurts and Wentz, other than he notified them of the decision on Monday evening. He praised the way both players reacted. “Carson is like all of us right now, he’s disappointed. He’s frustrated,” Pederson said. “He’s been a professional through it all. He supports his teammates and that’s what you want to see from him, the leader of the team. I know sometimes the quarterback gets a lot of the blame like the head coach does. It’s the good with the bad. It’s not about Carson Wentz. It’s not about one person. We know we have issues on offense and it has been a struggle for us all season. That’s where the frustration lies a little bit, but he’s been a pro and would expect nothing less.”

Week 13 DVOA Ratings - Football Outsiders
[BLG Note: The Eagles are 26th in DVOA. The Saints are 1st.]

The Eagles are stuck with Carson Wentz for better or worse; all hope rests on him returning to the player he once was - PFF
The other issue at play is that Wentz may never have been quite as good as we all think of him being. He had all the makings of a genuine MVP campaign in 2017 before getting injured and watching Nick Foles lead his team to a Super Bowl. But that season was built on foundations of sand in terms of highly volatile situations: He earned PFF grades in the 95th percentile on third and fourth down that season, and he landed in at least the 85th percentile in the percentage of positively graded throws and play under pressure. Those are all highly unstable numbers that were inevitably going to regress. It doesn’t undermine his MVP candidacy for that season, but it does affect where you project his baseline after that year and where you believe his ceiling to be in abstract terms.

Jalen Hurts Can Make the Eagles Better, but They Still Have a Carson Wentz Problem - The Ringer
Pederson is not blameless for this season. I wonder, quite often, what happened to the innovative staff of 2017, the one that retooled on the fly after Wentz’s injury, held a mini training camp during the playoff bye week, simplified the offense for Foles and outsmarted Bill Belichick. A lot of that staff is gone, including then-offensive coordinator Frank Reich, but even after Reich’s departure, the staff showed more life than it has this season. Fowler’s reporting indicates that the league still thinks Wentz is pretty good, which is why you can’t rule out a team rolling the dice and trading for him. But the lingering question, I suppose, is that if the league is saying Pederson is asking Wentz to do too much, how much did they even think of him in the first place? He once looked like a quarterback who could overcome obstacles; now, a short time later he looks like a quarterback who needs everything perfectly in place to be good. Hell, Wentz put a depleted roster on his back last December to snag a division title over Dallas. He feels like a different player now.

Five winners and five losers from the latest Dallas Cowboys loss of the season - Blogging The Boys
The Dallas Cowboys had more than twice the amount of time than the Baltimore Ravens did to prepare for this game. That does not mean that they should automatically win, the Ravens are a better team after all, but look at what Washington did against Pittsburgh with a similar sort of advantage. Mike McCarthy has continued to stick by Mike Nolan which looked like a rather poor decision on Tuesday night. The team’s defense is an embarrassment in just about every capacity and the buck ultimately stops with the head coach.

The 5 O’Clock Club: With wins over Seahawks & Steelers, NY and WAS end talk that NFC East can’t beat playoff teams - Hogs Haven
Initially, this season was supposed to be a two-team race between Philly and Dallas, with New York and Washington expected to be irrelevant punching bags. When the Eagles and Cowboys both stumbled out of the gate, and then fell apart, it was the entire division that was considered irrelevant. Someone would have to win and go to the playoffs, but it would be ultimately futile, everyone said, as the eventual champion would have a losing record and would be knocked out of the playoffs by wildcard team in the first round. Suddenly, after Sunday and Monday, those assumptions don’t look so solid.

Giants add Niko Lalos to 53-man roster, sign Joe Webb to practice squad - Big Blue View
A 2010 sixth-roound pick by the Minnesota Vikings, Webb has started four games at quarterback and thrown 159 regular-season passes during his career. he has also caught 10 passes, rushed the ball 50 times, returned 18 kickoffs and made 28 tackles. Webb has not appeared in an NFL game since 2018, when he played in five games for the Houston Texans. [BLG Note: Joe Webb is somehow still around and now in the NFC East.]

Taysom Hill: Potential vs Expectations - Canal Street Chronicles
What we have seen over the last three weeks is Taysom Hill can mechanically operate from within the pocket like a real QB and go through his progressions. We have seen him throw with velocity and accuracy, occasionally with touch, and as of Sunday’s game against Atlanta we’ve seen him operate on 3rd down with great efficiency and poise. We have now seen Taysom hill demonstrate a level of quarterback play and ability that a player like Tim Tebow never could, and that means that his potential to be a starting QB is very legit. Potential doesn’t mean Taysom WILL be that player, but he’s shown the ability to be that player.

This nullified touchdown perfectly captures the NFL’s beautiful chaos - SB Nation
In Franz Kafka’s masterpiece The Trial, we find that Josef K. has managed to get himself in trouble with the authorities without having done very much wrong. He (and we) are plunged into a dazzling nonsense of quasi-legal bureaucracy, in which Josef gets repeatedly lost, un-helped and mocked for not having sufficient respect for an arbitrary and inscrutable process. Comparing the NFL’s officiating to The Trial is of course unfair, since there is a) a rulebook and b) a vaguely coherent narrative which flows from that rulebook and c) we definitely know what ‘a catch’ is. But, on occasion, the beats and rhythms of an NFL game mesh perfectly with the comic absurdity that characterizes authority for poor Josef K. I believe that the Miami Dolphins’ un-touchdown is one such play.


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