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NFL Draft order update: Some good news and some bad news for the Eagles

No change ... but that might change.

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

You might not want to hear this but the reality is that the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the Green Bay Packers was a good thing. It might sting in the short-term but it’s in the Birds’ best long-term interest to keep losing games. Jeffrey Lurie needs to be prompted to clean house. The Eagles also stand to benefit from having a very high pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

On that note, the Eagles still slated to pick at No. 6 overall. Here’s an updated look at the non-playoff team order via Tankathon:

And here’s a look at the remaining schedules for the Eagles and all of the teams ahead of them in the tank standings:

Remaining schedules for the Eagles’ tanking competition

Week Eagles Chargers Cowboys Bengals Jaguars Jets
Week Eagles Chargers Cowboys Bengals Jaguars Jets
Week 13 L L at Ravens (6-4) L L L
Week 14 vs. Saints (10-2) vs. Falcons (4-8) at Bengals (2-9-1) vs. Cowboys (3-8) vs. Titans (8-4) at Seahawks (8-4)
Week 15 at Cardinals (6-6) at Raiders (7-5) vs. 49ers (5-6) vs. Steelers (11-0) at Ravens (6-4) at Rams (8-4)
Week 16 at Cowboys (3-8) vs. Broncos (4-8) vs. Eagles (3-8-1) at Texans (4-8) vs. Bears (5-7) vs. Browns (9-3)
Week 17 vs. Football Team (4-7) at Chiefs (11-1) at Giants (5-7) vs. Ravens (6-4) at Colts (8-4) at Patriots (6-6)

Some thoughts:

  • Shame that the Jacksonville Jaguars lost in overtime because a win would’ve given the Eagles an outside shot at getting as high as No. 2 overall. They’re still aiming for No. 3 at best.
  • It wasn’t just the Jags, though. The Eagles got no help from the teams ahead of them in the draft order. Thanks for nothing, losers!
  • Really need the Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals to each win at least one more game. Think they can do it?
  • If you hate the idea of rooting for the Eagles to lose, well, you’re really going to hate me saying you should be rooting for the Dallas Cowboys to beat the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday night. The Eagles will move up to No. 5 overall with a Dallas win.
  • For the sake of tanking, very good to see the New York Giants beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Two more Eagles losses over the next two weeks and at least one more Giants win eliminates Philly from winning the NFC East and dropping to pick No. 19 at best.


If you’re some kinda sicko who actually still cares about the Eagles winning the NFC East, this section is included for you. A look at the updated division standings, with Washington and Dallas yet to play this week:

1) New York Giants: 5-7
2) Washington Football Team: 4-7
3) Philadelphia Eagles: 3-8-1
4) Dallas Cowboys: 3-8

The Eagles’ playoff odds dropped down to 5.9% by Football Outsiders’ metrics. Barring some unexpected run of greatness by Jalen Hurts, this team isn’t making the playoffs. Keep the losses coming.

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