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Eagles have the lowest fan confidence rating in the NFL

SB Nation Reacts update.

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Does any fan-base feel worse about their favorite NFL team than Philadelphia Eagles fans do? According to the latest SB Nation Reacts polling data, the answer to that question is ... no!

The Eagles are down to a measly 4% confidence rating and I’m honestly surprised it’s not even lower.

The 3-7-1 Eagles are awful and totally uninteresting. And yet also fully alive in the awful NFC East.

The Eagles’ eventual failure to win this pathetic division should serve as a massive indictment of this current regime. Howie Roseman built one of the NFL’s most expensive rosters and it could conceivably finish last in the worst division ever.

This week’s national polling included a question about which team will win the NFC East and the Washington Football Team finished as heavy favorites despite currently being in second place.

Accordingly, Washington fans are feeling pretty good about their team’s outlook. They have the seventh highest fan confidence rating at 89%:

The New York Giants are first in the standings but second in fan confidence rating at 84%. Giants fans might be feeling even better if Daniel Jones wasn’t dealing with a hamstring injury.

Dallas Cowboys fans are checking in at seventh to last at 21%. The talk of them coming back from the grave to win the division was stifled by their blowout loss on Thanksgiving.


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