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Doug Pederson confirms Jack Driscoll will start at right tackle in Eagles vs. Packers

The Eagles’ head coach also (sort of) goes into play calling responsibilities and changes.

The Eagles are just a couple days away from taking on Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, and Doug Pederson spoke to reporters on Friday about his role in play calling and how that’s been changing.

He also noted that Jack Driscoll will get the opportunity to start at right tackle over Matt Pryor — who Pederson said is able to be more of a rotational guy as needed. Driscoll is feeling good after his injury, and they thought this would be a good time to get him back on the field.

The head coach acknowledged some of the rookies getting more playing time — Driscoll starting and K’Von Wallace stepping into Will Parks’ role — but said it was because they have confidence in these young players, and it was absolutely not a sign that they are throwing in the towel on the season.

Here’s what Pederson had to say:

On play calling

The head coach was asked about the recent report that he’s already started passing off some of the play calling, but Pederson wouldn’t elaborate. He noted that he didn’t want to give opponents any sort of insight into what they are doing, but reminded reporters that he had previously said all options were on the table.

Pederson also pointed out that he’s always said that their process on offensive was collaborative, and as far as game planning goes all the position coaches have a lot of input.

He was asked how things have gone in the times he has given up play calling.

“Great. It’s been going good. Been smooth, I mean the transitions fine. It’s okay. And, it hasn’t been a lot, but it’s something I’ll consider each week.”

Pederson also admitted that maybe early on in the spring there were some growing pains among the offensive coaching staff with new faces and new roles for people, but at this point they’re all on the same page.

On the Packers’ defense

“This is a very good team. A good defense. Coach Pettine does a great job preparing these guys. It appears that they’re doing a couple of things differently this year than last year. Listen, it’s a really good defensive front. I feel like the secondary is good, these two corners are good. You have to try and run the ball as best you can against these guys. Teams have done that, and even some of the teams that’ve beaten them here recently have been able to do that, and that’s something we might have to little bit more of. Last year, obviously, it was a part of the offense and part of the win up there. But again, it’s a different year, different season.”

Other notables

  • Pederson said there’s a chance for any of the guys to be on the active roster on Sunday, but that Jordan Howard is a guy that might get brought up. The running back had a good game against Green Bay last year, and it just comes down to Friday and Saturday to see where they’re at number-wise, and what Dave Fipp needs for special teams.
  • The head coach said that if Zach Ertz is good to go on Sunday, they’ll have to be smart with him but it’ll be a nice lift for the offense with the tight end back out there.
  • Pederson showed appreciation for guys like Connor Barwin and Jason Avant, former players who have a lot of experience in the league helping the younger players develop both on and off the field.

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