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Report: Doug Pederson has already been sharing Eagles play-calling duties, could give more to Press Taylor

So, here’s something we didn’t know.

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It was an interesting development earlier this week when Doug Pederson said that giving up his play-calling duties was “on the table.” The Philadelphia Eagles head coach has previously been reluctant — in talking to the media, at least — to entertaining such a change.

As it turns out, though, Pederson has already been sharing some of his play-calling duties this season. Insightful reporting here from The Inquirer’s Jeff McLane:

[...] the Eagles coach has already doled out some to assistants, NFL sources told The Inquirer. Pederson has handed the reins over to pass game coordinator Press Taylor several times in recent games, and could give him more responsibility starting Sunday in Green Bay, according to the sources. Senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello has also been calling plays, specifically in two-minute situations, since the beginning of the season [...] The 32-year-old Taylor, who is also quarterbacks coach, has never previously called plays at any level, let alone the NFL. Pederson handed him the reins for a bit against Seattle as the offense went three-and-out on its first five possessions, a source said. If Pederson is to hand over more play-calling to Taylor, he would be doing so over Scangarello, who called plays last season as Broncos offensive coordinator, and senior consultant Marty Mornhinweg, who has called plays in the NFL for over two decades

Some thoughts:

  • An increased role for Taylor does nothing to contradict the notion that Wentz has more power than Pederson in the organization. Wentz is a big Taylor proponent despite how he’s majorly regressed since Taylor has been the team’s quarterbacks coach.
  • I guess it’ll be interesting to see if the offense looks any different with Taylor taking a larger role. It’s hard to expect majorly different results. This offense is messed up beyond play-calling.
  • McLane notes that Scangarello calling plays in two-minute situations is different from how Frank Reich and Mike Groh previously contributed to the offense. Those two former Eagles offensive coordinators would merely offer suggestions and information. In this situation, Pederson is simply relaying Scangarello’s call to Wentz.
  • The article is quick to point out that the Eagles have been relatively successful when Scangarello has been in charge. Hmmmm.
  • McLane reports that Pederson was “initially resistant to the idea of bringing in someone from the [Kyle Shanahan] system.” Howie Roseman was in charge of bringing offensive assistant candidates in for Pederson to interview. In case you had any doubt that Pederson isn’t really in complete control of his coaching staff.
  • There is no mention of Duce Staley in the play-calling conversation.
  • It’s really not surprising that there’s talk that Pederson “wouldn’t be totally unhappy if he ends up getting fired” when his already-limited power is being further depleted. Pederson has often talked about how he really enjoys play-calling so I’m sure he hasn’t loved having to give some of it up.

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