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Eagles Film Review: Negatives outweigh positives from Jalen Hurts’ start against the Cowboys

Taking a closer look at Philadelphia’s rookie QB.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hey BGN,

Another week, another Jalen Hurts film review.

Last week I picked 3 good plays, 3 bad plays and 1 ‘I don’t know’. I will be honest, I wanted to do this again, but the film was simply bad. Worse than I thought after watching the game live. Therefore, I kept finding myself picking out negative plays and needing to break them down for a number of different reasons.

Just a heads up - this is pretty critical of Jalen Hurts. This does not mean I do not like him. Yes, I know he is a rookie. Yes, he can improve. No, this piece does not mean Carson Wentz was good this year. All I am doing here is breaking down the film and what I saw. Honestly, I recorded more negative plays but I decided to leave them out because I didn’t want to appear ‘too’ negative. If you want more analysis from me, make sure you follow me on twitter (@JonnyPage9) and you can check out my podcast where I will be breaking down all of the Eagles All22.

Lets get to the film. Same as last week - each tweet has some bullet points but please listen to the video with sound on if you want the full breakdown!



One more - Process or Results?


As I mentioned at the start, this wasn’t a positive piece about Jalen Hurts. But the tape was pretty worrying in my opinion. Hurts came into the league from a very basic offense and he is struggling to process his reads in the NFL. This is not an easy skill to learn and I think it is pretty clear and obvious that he has a long way to go in the NFL.

There is a long debate to be had over whether Hurts or Wentz or another QB should lead this team next year. This post isn’t about it, this is just focusing on Sunday’s game and what Hurts looks like right now.

I’ll end with a positive, Doug Pederson deserves credit for calling an excellent game in my opinion. He made things pretty defined for Hurts and I think he was let down by bad QB play. This isn’t the first time this season, that’s for sure...

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