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Eagles fan confidence creeps up a little bit higher

SB Nation Reacts results.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the second week in a row, Philadelphia Eagles fan confidence saw an increase in SB Nation Reacts polling. The Birds moved up from 5% to 22% after their win over the New Orleans Saints. Putting up a good fight in a close loss to the Arizona Cardinals saw the Eagles improve from 22% to 28%. Here’s how that looks in chart form:

Call it the Jalen Hurts effect. The rookie quarterback has breathed some life and intrigue into the Eagles, thus sparking the fan base.

Funny enough, the Eagles rank just below their Week 16 opponent when it comes to fan confidence. The Dallas Cowboys actually saw a 1% decrease despite winning two games in a row.

Cowboys fans clearly aren’t feeling all that satisfied about beating Brandon Allen and Nick Mullens. They’ll probably only be feeling worse once Hurts leads the Eagles to victory on Sunday. Philly is favored to win in the SB Nation Reacts national polling:

Elsewhere in the NFC East, the Washington Football Team still leads the division in fan confidence at 92%. This despite losing to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15.

We’ll see how that changes if/when Washington loses to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers, by the way, have the league’s 13th highest rating:

The New York Giants saw no change in fan confidence despite losing their second straight game. They’re holding steady at 72%:


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