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Eagles Film Review: Positives and negatives from Jalen Hurts’ second NFL start

Closer look at Philadelphia’s rookie quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hey BGN, it has been a while!

This year has been pretty tough for numerous reasons, but it feels good to post here again.

Inspired by Jalen Hurts’ recent play and the conversations surrounding him, I broke down a few of his plays in quite a bit of detail on my twitter account @JonnyPage9 recently. If you want analysis of the specific play, make sure you listen to the audio so you can hear my lovely British accent break down the play. Also, if you want even more analysis of Jalen Hurts (and some more lovely British accent), you can check out my podcast where I spoke with BGN’s own Tyler Jackson about Hurts and Doug Pederson’s scheme in more detail.

I decided to choose 3 good plays to breakdown, 3 negative plays and 1 play I found interesting. As I mentioned earlier on, each tweet has some bullet points but please listen to the video if you want the full breakdown!



A random extra play... bad process good result?


Whatever you think of Hurts, at least the past few weeks have been a bit more fun!

Personally, as you can likely tell from the videos, I am cautiously optimistic about Hurts becoming a good NFL quarterback but still need to see a lot more from him over a consistent basis before I really complete my evaluation on him. Over the next couple of weeks I really want to see him:

  • Eliminate what isn’t there quicker
  • Complete balls in the middle of the field
  • Be comfortable in the pocket when going through his reads

I don’t think he will have to do this to be successful vs. Dallas as they are pretty terrible on defense. But Washington in Week 1 7 will be the real test as they are a pretty good defense.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the analysis and I’ll do one of these again soon!

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