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Eagles News: “Difficult to chart a favorable path forward for Carson Wentz in Philadelphia”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/22/20.

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New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Carson Wentz’s trust in Eagles could be damaged beyond repair - ESPN
It still will be difficult to chart a favorable path forward for Wentz in Philadelphia now that the toothpaste is all the way out of the tube. Every Wentz stumble from here forward will come with amplified noise and speculation about whether he’ll be benched in favor of Hurts or whomever QB2 is — chatter that can build tsunami-like strength in the social media age and in a market such as Philadelphia. With his standing as the clear-cut quarterback compromised, the chances of having split allegiances in the Eagles’ locker room have grown exponentially. Maybe Wentz could handle it if his relationship with the team’s decision-makers were as solid as oak, if he knew they’d continue to charge forward with him even in the face of gale-force winds. But that’s not where we are.

Of course, Carson Wentz doesn’t want to be Eagles backup; it’s unlikely, too - Inquirer
Wentz’s struggles, meanwhile, continued to mount while Hurts’ development in limited practice snaps was evident. Pederson fought a switch knowing the seismic impact it would have, but other Eagles evaluators were predicting by November that Hurts supplanting Wentz “would happen naturally,” according to one team source. Hurts appears to have the makings of a starter, perhaps a quality one, but it’s far too early to make definitive statements. If the Eagles were to commit to him for next season, it’s unlikely they would keep Wentz as a backup, even if they have to take the substantial salary cap hit from a trade.

10 completely insane Hurts stats - NBCSP
Hurts is the ninth quarterback in NFL history with four or more touchdown passes and no interceptions in his first two starts. He’s the fourth with five combined rushing and passing TDs and no interceptions. That includes all quarterbacks in their first two starts, not just rookies.

How much better does the Jalen Hurts pick look in retrospect? - BGN
The Eagles’ scrutinized second-round pick is not only playing in a season many expected him to sit — he’s playing well! But many of the same questions that floated around Howie Roseman’s team building in April remain in December.

FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Making sense of the NFC East - BGN Radio
Which team will win the division?

Audio Producer, Bleeding Green Nation - Vox Media
As the Audio Producer for Bleeding Green Nation, you will lead the podcast for the largest community of Philadelphia Eagles fans on the internet. Ideal candidates for this position will have experience with hosting audio content for sports fans, audio production, and management. This remote position will report to the Executive Producer of SB Nation’s team community podcasts. [BLG Note: Hit the link to apply to work at BGN!]

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary, Week 16 - PhillyVoice
Is it safe to say that right now, after a loss to an average Cardinals team, that this is the most optimistic the Eagles’ fan base has felt about the team since, like, September? If so, it’s funny to me that the most optimistic point intersects with the week the team fell into last place of one of the worst divisions in NFL history. Of course, that’s because Jalen Hurts has sparked the offense (he’s been good, not great), and the team has actually been watchable the last two weeks, which is more than could be said of the team the previous two or so months. But that’s still an incredibly low bar, and only underscores how painfully dreadful the 2020 season has been. In reality, there shouldn’t be optimism, at all. The roster is old, bad, and expensive, and it’s going to take substantial time to undo the mess that has been created. The upcoming 2021 offseason is perhaps the most important one since, um, ever? The decisions that are made are going to shape the direction of team, for better or worse, for the foreseeable future, and Jeffrey Lurie cannot make the wrong choices.

In Search Of - Iggles Blitz
Hurts is not a dynamic passer. His arm isn’t anything special. I do like his deep ball and love the touch he puts on his throws. Hurts can be a good NFL passer by making smart decisions and accurate throws. That’s what he’s doing right now. And that is sustainable. Barring some insane turn of events, Hurts should be the starter for the rest of 2020. I think you have to let the season play out before counting on him as the starter for 2021, but I would certainly lean that way right now. Wentz needs to be fixed and I’m just not sure that will happen in Philly. He is more experienced and more talented than Hurts so this isn’t some no-brainer decision. I just don’t think you can overlook the impact Hurts has had and how broken Wentz has looked.

Week 15 fantasy football recap: Tony Pollard shines, Chris Godwin dims - Fake Teams
Eagles vs Cardinals: Holy buckets Jalen Hurts is the real deal. At the time of me writing this, Hurts is 39% rostered in fantasy leagues. Stop reading this and go add him and start him because he will be a QB1 this week against the Dallas Cowboys. Against the Cardinals on Sunday, Hurts threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns while adding 63 yards and a score on the ground. Honestly, it blows my mind that it has taken this long for Hurts to see the field given just HOW much better the offense has looked with him under center than with Carson Wentz. The difference is staggering.

The Sunday Aftermath - Rotoworld
Jalen Hurts trades blows with Kyler Murray. Hurts took off the training wheels in favor of a jet pack, completing 24-of-44 throws for 338 yards and three scores while adding 11/63/1 on the ground. A QB1 overall day for the fantasy finals, one that featured eight more fantasy points than Carson Wentz managed in any of his 2020 starts. Hurts contributed seven 20-plus yard completions, and finished second to only Marcus Mariota in Week 15 QB rushing yardage. We will worry about the 2021 implications later — Wentz’s untradable, uncuttable contract says hello — but the Week 16 impact is clear: Hurts will be winning fantasy leagues against the Dallas Cowboys.

The day after: Jalen Hurts is the Eagles’ quarterback for now and the future - The Athletic
It doesn’t take an oracle to see how the next few months will play out for the Eagles, even if the organization has not yet accepted it. Sunday morning’s ESPN report that Carson Wentz will want to be traded if Hurts is the starter was the inevitable next step after Wentz was benched and Hurts played well. After the season, the Eagles will insist that they have two starting-caliber quarterbacks, no doubt “a good problem to have.” Whomever Jeffrey Lurie tasks to be the head coach will promise an offseason competition for the starting job. Behind the scenes, Wentz’s camp will agitate for a trade while the Eagles will do their best to publicly deny their interest in a trade, so as not to spoil their leverage. Wentz’s $128 million extension and the accompanying $33 million cap hit will serve as an expensive hurdle, but eventually, some team will come calling and the Eagles will send Wentz on his way, ending his bizarrely star-crossed tenure in Philadelphia. He’ll probably play well for that new team.

Jets Finally Win; Josh Allen Dominates; Dolphins Knock Out Patriots - MMQB
Philly’s in a weird spot. Jalen Hurts looked poised and competent in Arizona, and here’s the play that encapsulates it for me. There were 35 seconds left. The Eagles were down seven. Arizona’s red-hot pass-rusher Haason Reddick got past the protection and to Hurts almost right away, then jarred the ball loose. And despite all that, and being in this spot as a 22-year-old rookie, Hurts had the presence of mind to collect the ball, roll right and away from the rush and then the field awareness to know where Dallas Goedert was going to be, and the arm to get the ball to him without having his feet set to make the throw. Just a big-time play that picked up 14 yards, and at least put the Eagles in position to heave a couple into the end zone to try and tie it. In the end, Hurts wound up with 338 yards and three touchdowns on 24-of-44 passing, and another 63 rushing yards on 11 carries. But it’s stuff like that fourth-quarter play that jump out most to me. Maybe it’s obvious that a guy who started for Nick Saban at quarterback as a true freshman wouldn’t cower at the NFL stage. Still, the way Hurts carries himself is impressive, and this isn’t great for Carson Wentz’s future in Philly, because it means one of two things. Either the offense wasn’t as broken as we thought, and Hurts is proving it, which would indicate Wentz was the problem. Or Hurts is a real revelation, which would put Wentz on notice in a different way. Either way, Hurts is going to be the quarterback the rest of the way. And if he keeps playing this way, things will get really interesting after the season.

This Eagles-Cowboys Week has fun storylines to follow -
The next step for Hurts? Winning that kind of game. He led the Eagles on two drives late in the fourth quarter and had shots into the end zone, but they came up empty. The fourth-quarter comeback win is next in the young quarterback’s development. He continues to make great progress, showing skills in and out of the pocket, using his mobility to his advantage, and displaying great poise and awareness under pressure.

5 winners and 4 losers from Week 15 in the NFL - SB Nation
Winner: Jalen Hurts. This is a case where the team losing doesn’t really matter. Hurts looks like the real friggin’ deal. In the past we’ve seen middling passing with some incredible athletic plays, but this was the week he put it all together. Hurts threw the ball extremely well (albeit inaccurately at times), and was a huge threat on the ground as well. He adds a dimension to the Eagles’ offense they simply never had with Carson Wentz under center. The better Hurts plays there deeper the quarterback conundrum gets for Philadelphia, but that doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, especially when it means you have your guy of the future.

Washington Roster Moves: Mychal Kendricks signed from Seahawks practice squad - Hogs Haven
Washington is reportedly making another roster move today as injuries continue to add up at the linebacker position. Mychal Kendricks will be signed from the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. He was not with the Seahawks when they came to Fed Ex Field yesterday and beat the Washington Football Team 20-15. Kendricks will fly privately and will be available to join the team immediately under the updated COVID-19 protocols. Mychal Kendricks was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2nd round in 2012. He played there for 6 seasons, starting 74 games. He was released in the 2018 offseason, and faced with some serious insider trading charges in August of that year. The sentencing for that case has reportedly been pushed back until January of next year. Kendricks made his way to the Seahawks, and started 17 games over the last two seasons. He hasn’t played during the regular season this year, but that could change quickly here.

Report: Leighton Vander Esch suffered high ankle sprain against 49ers, status moving forward unknown - Blogging The Boys
The Dallas Cowboys have won two games in a row for the first time this season, but it appears that on Sunday they suffered a particular loss. Linebacker Leighton Vander Esch was injured during Sunday’s win over the San Francisco 49ers, and it was the kind of issue that usually hangs around for a little while. Unfortunately with two games set to go in the regular season for a team vying for an division title, that looms rather large. Vander Esch is one of the most important player on the team’s defense. Without him, they struggled earlier this year. Whether he plays on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles remains to be seen, but according to the Dallas Morning News he is dealing with a high ankle sprain.

Giants-Browns ‘Kudos & Wet Willies’ review: Missed opportunities - Big Blue View
The fake field goal — As I wrote in the early morning hours after the game, I had no problem with Joe Judge’s aggression on fourth down. The Giants were an undermanned underdog and they had to have something special to win the game. Head coach Joe Judge said he “thought the scheme was sound” on the fake field goal, which saw punter/holder Riley Dixon throwing to center/snapper Nick Gates. It didn’t work, though, not close. Gates ended up in the middle of the end zone triple covered.

How to get your next coronavirus stimulus check, and other questions, answered - Vox
Congress has agreed to another round of direct payments. Here’s when the IRS will send out $600 checks.


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