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Eagles News: Peter King says Carson Wentz is being “tone-deaf”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/21/20.

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Week 15: How Buffalo Built Its Way Back To The Top Of The AFC East - FMIA
1. I think the most revealing piece of information in Adam’s Schefter’s Sunday report about Carson Wentz and his demotion in Philadelphia was this sentence: “Wentz is not pleased with the way events have unfolded in the organization.” Man, talk about being tone-deaf. Three reasons: • Even if Wentz feels that way—and I trust implicitly that he does if Schefter reports it—it’s ridiculous if any reps or friends of the QB let that leak out. (I doubt sincerely that Wentz is talking to anyone outside his sphere right now.) However it got out, I trust it. And however it did, Wentz looks selfish and totally unaware of how bad the offense was with him leading it, and how poorly he was playing. • Wentz leads all quarterbacks with 19 giveaways this season. As NFL Media’s Bucky Brooks said Sunday, a starting quarterback job is not a lifetime appointment. Jobs are on the line here—maybe the head coach’s and his entire staff. They should do what they think gives the team the best chance to win—which, last week against New Orleans, promoting Jalen Hurts clearly did. • Wentz goes to the bench, his backup wins the biggest game of the Eagles season, and it comes out that “Wentz is not pleased with the way events have unfolded.” Well, the Eagles are not pleased that his TD-to-pick differential, plus-26 in 2017, is plus-1 this year, and his completion percentage is the worst in the league, and only Sam Darnold’s passer rating is lower. Of course there are reasons, and the offensive line stinks. But very bad look here. The only things that minimized Sunday’s damage? Wentz was much involved on the sidelines in Arizona on Sunday, looking like he was helping Hurts. 2. I think the odds of Wentz playing elsewhere in 2021—too early to tell where, but my early money’s on Indy—just went from 34 percent to 52 percent.

New report claims Carson Wentz wants to stay with Eagles - PFT
The easiest way to reconcile this is to say that Wentz hasn’t told that to anyone, but that his agents have. And that’s quite possibly the best way to harmonize the competing reports. If the Eagles ultimately decide to try to move Wentz, there’s value in blowing up the team’s leverage and forcing its hand. Indeed, if Wentz will be traded one way or the other, it’s in his best interests to do whatever he can to ensure that the new team gives up as little as possible to get him, so that he’ll have more help in the form of players and draft picks with his next franchise.

Eagles vs. Cardinals Week 15: 11 winners, losers, and I dunnos - BGN
Jalen Hurts. Hurts wasn’t the biggest problem for the Eagles offense for the second consecutive week, and for as long as that streak keeps up, he’ll stay in this column. The passing game remains oriented on outside-the-numbers throws against man coverage, as the Eagles’ coaching staff doesn’t seem comfortable giving Hurts the same full-field reads that they gave Wentz for the majority of this season. The wisdom of that approach — both for Wentz and for Hurts — is up for debate, but it does leave the Eagles’ passing game a little limited overall. Their running game remains diverse, even as Hurts scrambled less and probably gave the ball up on read options a few more times than he needed to. Hurts took more sacks but also pushed the ball downfield more, which is the necessary exchange for holding the football in the pocket. The Eagles still need more from Hurts as a true passer to feel confident in him as a clear starter entering 2021, but he’s clearly earned at least a shot at that job in camp, regardless of who the Eagles do or don’t keep at quarterback this offseason.

The Kist & Solak Show #217: Eagles Drop a Thriller to Arizona + Wentz Wants Out?! - BGN Radio
Michael Kist & Benjamin Solak debate what to do with Carson Wentz after the report came out that he’d like to be traded if he won’t start in Philly PLUS the Jalen Hurts-led Eagles lost an exciting game against the Arizona Cardinals and the gang breaks it all down! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Cardinals game - PhillyVoice
Anyway, let’s start with Hurts’ numbers. As a passer, he was 24 of 44 for 338 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, and a passer rating of 102.3. On the ground, he rushed 11 times for 63 yards, and a TD. So that’s good. Postgame, Doug Pederson said that Hurts played with poise, leadership, and he showed both physical and mental toughness, particularly in the second half. I agree. There were some mistakes, of course. We didn’t get a great end zone look at Hurts’ intentional grounding call that resulted in a safety (thanks FOX!), but that was a play where he probably could have shown more awareness by taking an extra step or two before he threw the ball away. And there were some inaccurate throws early on as well. Oh, and he fumbled three times, but was fortunate not to lose any.

Crazy Day - Iggles Blitz
It was important to see Hurts play in tough circumstances. Last week the Eagles got up 17-0 and he never had big time pressure on him. This week was very different. He played from behind for virtually the entire game. The Cardinals had a full game to study so they weren’t caught off guard by how he played. They knew what to expect. Hurts had to throw more passes and play more from the pocket. He handled all of that well. He wasn’t perfect of course, but moved the offense up and down the field and kept his team in the game. The Eagles defense had a patchwork secondary and gave up 526 yards to Arizona. Only a few timely takeaways kept the Eagles close. Hurts was in a shootout and played accordingly. He took shots downfield. He wasn’t playing safe, trying to avoid mistakes. He was aggressive. It didn’t always work out, but that’s what the game called for.

Rookie Jalen Hurts continues to ignite Philadelphia Eagles’ offense, albeit in a losing effort - ESPN
Hurts has thrown five touchdown passes with one interception and has rushed for 198 yards and a score in two-plus games since he took over for Wentz, who struggled through the first 12 games of the season. Hurts is the first player in NFL history with 500 passing yards and 150 rushing yards in his first two career starts, per Elias Sports Bureau research. “I thought he had great poise out there, great leadership, played obviously physically tough, mentally tough,” said Pederson, who said he will likely announce a starter for next week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday, though there’s little doubt that it will be Hurts. “He’s doing a good job. I would say there’s still room to grow, obviously. Just learning the details of our game, he can get better there, but he gave us an opportunity to win today.”

Jalen Hurts shows brilliance, but Eagles fall 33-26 to Cardinals -
Too bad, because Hurts was every bit as brilliant, in a different way, as he was in the first start a week earlier when the Eagles defeated New Orleans. Hurts completed 24 of 44 passes for 338 yards and three touchdowns – two to Greg Ward and one to rookie Quez Watkins, who took a bubble screen and turned it into a 32-yard sprint to the end zone – and added 63 yards on the ground as the Eagles erased a 16-0 deficit in the first quarter to tie the game at 26-26 late in the third quarter on a Hurts 7-yard run for a score. There were mistakes – Hurts was penalized in the first quarter for intentional grounding from the end zone, a penalty that cost the Eagles a safety, and he was sacked six times and missed a receiver or two – but for the most part Hurts took a definite step forward by delivering from the pocket, keeping his poise, and bringing the Eagles back from the early hole and putting the team in position to win the game at the end. “Those 300 yards didn’t win us the game, whatever it was,” Hurts said after the loss. “That’s what matters. You can go out there and throw five picks, fumble the ball three times, whatever. It can be 2-0. If we score more points than them, that’s all that matters. It’s a great opportunity for us to learn and we will learn, and we will be stronger moving forward.

Roob’s observations after Hurts puts on stunning show but Eagles lose shootout to Cards - NBCSP
What does it mean? Hurts’ performance against the Saints was encouraging but hardly earth-shattering. But he was brilliant enough this Sunday to really make you think he could be someone who can lead this football team for the long term.Advertisement Let’s be honest, it’s been a while since we’ve seen quarterback play like this around here. It’s only two starts and it’s still not enough to make any final decisions about anything. But at the very least Hurts has given Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson plenty to think about as they weigh Carson Wentz’s future.

In Eagles loss, Jalen Hurts wins and further opens the door on his future as the starter - Inquirer
But with each Hurts outing in which he performs above most expectations, it becomes more difficult to see the Eagles bringing back both quarterbacks. Wentz regressed under the dynamic, and if the ESPN report about his reluctance to return is true, why would the team even want him back? Hurts sidestepped the question about whether he should be the starter for the rest of the season. But there’s little doubt he has that kind of confidence. He made some errors Sunday, particularly early, but he responded to adversity and nearly pulled off the comeback. “We left money on the table, missed opportunities and [had] self-inflicted wounds,” Hurts said. “I could care less to hear any of the ‘young’ stuff, ‘second-start’ stuff, ‘rookie’ stuff. We have a standard we want to play to. I, personally, have a standard I want to play to.”

NFL Week 15 PFF ReFocused: Arizona Cardinals 33, Philadelphia Eagles 26 - PFF
Hurts almost matched Murray’s output, going 24-for-44 for 338 yards with 11 carries for 63 yards. He found the endzone four times on the day. Despite grounding the ball in the endzone for a safety in the first quarter, Hurts finished the game as the first Eagles quarterback in 2020 to throw for three or more touchdown passes in a single game. Hurts and Murray each completed seven passes for 20 yards or more. The biggest difference appeared to be Murray’s playmaking versus Hurts’ penchant for putting the ball in harm’s way. Upon initial review, Hurts committed four turnover-worthy plays in contrast to Murray’s five big-time throws. Even though the Philadelphia defense collected three takeaways for just the second time this season, the unit still got absolutely shredded. Four defenders surrendered either 80-plus yards or a touchdown in coverage. The Eagles’ pass-rush pressured Murray on 17.5% of his dropbacks.

Should Jalen Hurts’ success help convince the Eagles to keep Doug Pederson? - The Athletic
The more Doug Pederson coaches without Carson Wentz, the better Pederson seems to look. With the worst season of the Pederson era two games from conclusion, determining why the Eagles improved without their franchise quarterback will be the fundamental question to whatever decisions await. The excitement of Jalen Hurts’ entry into the lineup shouldn’t obscure this reality about the Eagles: They’re 4-9-1 after a 33-26 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and are assured their worst record since Pederson became head coach in 2016. The intrigue about whether Pederson will keep his job is only going to intensify in the final two weeks of the season, especially if or when the Eagles’ already-narrow hopes of winning the putrid NFC East vanish.

Arizona Cardinals survive in 33-26 win over Philadelphia Eagles - Revenge Of The Birds
The Cardinals sit at 8-6 with two games against the NFC West to finish things off. Great work by Jalen Hurts today. Murray and Hurts should excite fans about the future of the quarterback position.

The Winners and Losers of NFL Week 15 - The Ringer
The two former Oklahoma players have revitalized their teams. The Cardinals were 3-13 before drafting Murray, and now they’re playoff-bound. The Eagles hadn’t scored 20 points in four games before making the switch from Carson Wentz to Hurts, and now they’ve done it in back-to-back games.

10 winners from the Dallas Cowboys win over the San Francisco 49ers - Blogging The Boys
It was evident that the San Francisco 49ers wanted to involve their rookie wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk all throughout the contest against the Cowboys. He even scored a touchdown. What was more evident - with no Aiyuk disrespect intended - is that the Cowboys have potentially the greater talent in CeeDee Lamb. We all wish that Lamb had had more opportunities this year to really show off his skillset, but he had some moments in this game that were highlight-worthy. His catch at the end of the first half was not easy yet he made it look so, and he quietly led the team in receiving yards with a cool 85. He also had a nice punt return. Lamb’s time is coming. We are seeing flashes of it in the here and now (like the onside kick return touchdown... a point he expressed some mild regret over). That is one of the most exciting things about this season.

Giants-Browns ‘things I think’: A fake fiasco, NFC East insanity, more - Big Blue View
Judge has made this season about progress, not playoffs. Well, it’s less likely now that the Giants are going to find a way to make the playoffs. After being outscored 46-10 the past two weeks, I think it is also hard to argue that those two efforts looked like progress. Against two winning teams that are almost certainly headed to the playoffs, the Giants just did not look competitive. After a four-game winning streak that left everyone just a little giddy, I think the last two games have been a reminder that there is still work to be done in the construction of the Giants.

Justin Jefferson Breaks Randy Moss’ Vikings Rookie Receptions Record -
Don’t look now, but Randy Moss just got … Mossed. In just his 14th NFL game, Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson has surpassed Moss’ team record for catches by a rookie. Jefferson recorded his 70th reception of the season in the third quarter of Sunday’s Vikings-Bears game. The record reception was good for 26 yards and opened Minnesota’s second possession of the second half, which ended with a 22-yard field goal by Dan Bailey that cut Chicago’s margin to 27-20 with 2:38 left in the third quarter. He reached the benchmark at a fan-less U.S. Bank Stadium but received video board recognition as well as plenty of love from his teammates.


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