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Eagles News: NFL executive thinks Philadelphia needs to find an exit strategy with Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/2/20.

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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL execs predict Carson Wentz’s future: Why his contract is such a burden for the Philadelphia Eagles - ESPN+
One AFC exec who thinks the Eagles should find an exit strategy with Wentz as early as next year believes that perhaps the North Dakota State product isn’t built for the big stage. From Steve McNair to Joe Flacco, many small-school signal-callers have had sustained NFL success. But Wentz never faced elite competition in college, so it has always been an uphill climb during his pro career. “Maybe this is just who he is,” the exec said. “To make some of these mistakes in Year 5 is a problem.”

Carson Wentz posting historic drop in passer rating - PFT
Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and NFL research, Wentz is just the sixth quarterback since 1950 to have a passer rating fall 24 points below his combined rating over the previous three seasons. He’s also the first quarterback to do it under the age of 30. The other quarterbacks on the list? At age 38, Y.A. Tittle dropped 42.2 points in 1964. Manning fell 39.9 points at 39 in 2015. Joe Theisman fell 32.0 points at 36 in 1985. Mark Rypien fell 26.3 points at 31 in 1993. And Favre fell 24.8 points at 41 in 2010. All of those quarterbacks retired following their drop-off season except for Rypien. No one expects Wentz to hang it up after 2020, but the quarterback must significantly improve going forward.

Eagles vs. Seahawks snap counts: Playing Alshon Jeffery over Travis Fulgham is malpractice - BGN
Travis Fulgham didn’t see a target until just over 14 minutes remaining in the game. WHY?! How does this keep happening? Fulgham was LEADING THE NFL IN RECEIVING YARDS over the course of four weeks! Iit’s not like he’s a guy who needs to be wide open to make catches; he’s a big target with contested catch ability. They absolutely should be force-feeding the ball to him. And they just haven’t been. It makes no sense. Alshon Jeffery was a detriment to the Eagles during the five snaps he played in Week 11. And then the team follows that up by giving him 35 snaps in Week 12?! And having him lumber out on the field while Fulgham is on the sideline?! It’s asinine! Look, we can be grateful that Jeffery helped Philly win a Super Bowl. But, once again, he’s just not helping this team in the short-term or the long-term. He’s a waste of a roster spot. Just cut him. Or keep him as a healthy scratch. Whatever the case, there’s no use in playing him. It’s insanity

FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: What happened to the Eagles with Jimmy Kempski - BGN Radio
Jimmy came on The ODDCast to talk about how the Eagles need to blow things up.

Off Day Debrief #13: Eagles stink on MNF + Week 13 Power Rankings - The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera (Niners Nation) and Brandon Lee Gowton (Bleeding Green Nation) react to the pathetic showing by the Eagles on MNF with Jimmy Kempski of BGN Radio, and dive into the Week 13 Power Rankings! Are the Seahawks in the driver’s seat for the top seed in the NFC? Tom Brady’s struggles in Tampa are real. Kliff Kingsbury and Anthony Lynn get thrown into the pit of misery. Week 12 Oddities & Week 13 Survivor Picks.

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary: Week 13 - PhillyVoice
10) Eagles (3-7-1): Out of curiosity, I took at look at ESPN’s “matchup predictor” to determine the Eagles’ chances of winning each of the their final five games. At Packers: 27.0%, Saints: 32.2%, At Cardinals: 32.0%, At Cowboys: 62.2%, Football Team: 55.5%. What?!? Have they not seen this team play? Those percentages are extremely generous, across the board.

What does Jalen Hurts’ usage say about Doug Pederson’s relationship with Eagles’ front office? - Inquirer
Howie Roseman likely wouldn’t have drafted Jalen Hurts had there not been a consensus among Eagles decision-makers that the quarterback had the ability to become an NFL starter. But there wasn’t like-mindedness when it came to spending a second-round pick on the Oklahoma prospect, considering the team’s other needs and how the expenditure could affect starter Carson Wentz, team sources and sources familiar with the Eagles’ draft plans said. Roseman has final say, so the call is always ultimately his. But the general manager was the driving force behind the selection, and with owner Jeffrey Lurie’s blessing, he chose Hurts when [likely Defensive Rookie of the Year] safety Jeremy Chinn would have likely otherwise been the choice, the sources said.

Tuesday Talking Points: Week 13 - Fantasy Points
But the constant I keep coming back to is Roseman, someone who very clearly has Lurie’s ear. Lurie is exceptionally loyal and truly loves his team. He surrounds himself with people who care as much about the team as he does. But it’s time he gets an outside perspective in here to try to fix this mess. I thought Louis Riddick and Brian Griese were phenomenal on the MNF telecast last night. They criticized Wentz when he deserved it — which was often — but also contextualized the performance. If someone new comes in and decides Wentz has to go and the Eagles need to eat the money for the good of the franchise, so be it. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Wentz would have a market from around the league, as other organizations view him as a spectacular talent burdened with carrying an entire franchise on an irreversible course into the mouth of a volcano. Those same executives also felt the Eagles should stick with Wentz. But I just wonder if the entire well is poisoned here. Wentz is struggling because Pederson is struggling. Pederson is struggling because Wentz is struggling. And both are struggling because the roster is old and injured, and there is a clear disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff. There are real discussions to be had on Wentz’s future, and the future of Pederson as well. Decisions must be made here. What’s obvious to me, though? Roseman shouldn’t be the one making them.

The day after: Darius Slay, Eagles’ offseason statement, can’t stop DK Metcalf - The Athletic
If ever there was a game begging for the Eagles to make the switch to Hurts, it was this game when the defense was playing inspired football and the offense totaled a staggering negative-5 yards on their first three drives and went three-and-out on the first five. But the Eagles have no grand plan for Hurts. He was on the field for three plays — one false start when he was inserted, oddly, on a second-and-9 with Wentz off the field, a completion to Jeffery on the ensuing play and then the exact same zone-read handoff on a third-and-short the Eagles have run with Wentz as a decoy receiver seemingly every game. At this point, the only explanations for the Eagles’ unwillingness to play Hurts more are (A) they’re too pot-committed to Wentz and won’t entertain pulling him at any point or (B) they think Hurts is bad. Either way, great pick.

Doug Pederson still searching for answers for sluggish offense -
Notable for the Eagles is that, to that point, they hadn’t accumulated a single first down offensively and wouldn’t do so until later in the second quarter, by which time they trailed 14-0 and had to dig out of yet another hole. It has been that kind of season. And there are five games to go to see if the Eagles can snap out of the offensive doldrums. Pederson hasn’t found a solution. Nobody has a concrete answer. The Eagles have dropped three consecutive games and have allowed a commanding NFC East lead to slip away. Frustrating might be an understatement, even if Pederson, on a long and chilly Tuesday, had nobody around him to share the feeling.

2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks for Week 13 - Fake Teams
24) Carson Wentz — Wentz looks dreadful.

Week 12 DVOA Ratings - Football Outsiders
[BLG Note: The Eagles are 27th in DVOA. The Packers are 5th.]

Grading all 32 first-round picks after Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season - PFF
PICK NO. 22: WR JUSTIN JEFFERSON, MINNESOTA VIKINGS. 2020 overall grade: 90.1. With no Adam Thielen against Carolina, Justin Jefferson was the unquestioned No. 1 receiver for Minnesota and saw the ball thrown his way five times more than any other Vikings receiver. Jefferson caught seven passes on 12 targets for 70 yards and two touchdowns, generating a 114.6 passer rating for Kirk Cousins — even if he had a drop in there, as well. Jefferson has maintained his pace as one of the best receivers in the entire league this year and is second only to Davante Adams in yards per route run through 12 weeks, averaging 2.9 yards every time he runs a pass pattern.

‘Things I think’ about the Giants: This season still is not about the playoffs - Big Blue View
The Eagles are a mess. I think I didn’t realize just how broken Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles are until I watched them lose to the Seahawks on Monday. Lack of discipline, a wounded and sieve-like offensive line, a complete lack of offensive weapons aside from Miles Sanders and a quarterback who is simply not playing at a functional NFL level. After Philadelphia won the 2017 Super Bowl I thought they were a young team with many players already signed for the long haul, a star quarterback, great coaching staff and front office. I thought the Eagles were set up to dominate the NFC East for several years. Now? They’re broken. It’s kind of flabbergasting, to be honest.

The one stat that is the most concerning about the Cowboys coaching staff in 2020 - Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys 2020 season has been a complete, utter disaster. But for the next few minutes, please try and ignore the win-loss record. Yes, you heard that right - ignore the 3-8 record and let’s highlight the biggest issue surrounding the Cowboys, and the future of Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff. -108. What is that number you may ask? -108 is the Cowboys point differential in 2020. If you’re unaware, that’s bad, like really bad. In fact, it’s the second-worst in all the NFL, only behind the New York Jets who sit in dead last at -170. The biggest concern for the Cowboys and their coaching staff is they are struggling to even stay competitive in most of their football games. In their eight losses, the Cowboys have lost five of them by multiple possessions, whereas in their three wins, they won one game by one point, and two games by three points. By no means are we knocking them for winning football games, but normally there is a fair-share of big wins and losses.

The Sanctity of the NFL Schedule Is Straining Its Teams - The Ringer
Who’s ready for some Wednesday-afternoon football? A third postponement of the Ravens-Steelers game reveals the lengths the NFL will go to keep its schedule on course. But it’s not without a cost.

A complete timeline of Ravens-Steelers delays - SB Nation
It was only a matter of time before the NFL had a significant, scheduling-altering problem due to Covid-19, and the Ravens vs. Steelers matchup in Week 12 has become exactly that. Originally set to take place Thanksgiving night, the AFC North showdown keeps getting pushed back, delayed and rescheduled as more and more players and personnel test positive for the virus. Problems with this game first began last week, and it’s unclear when they will stop. Right now the NFL is saying the game will be played Wednesday night, but as many times as this matchup has been postponed and delayed, it’s iffy saying that will happen for certain.


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