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Weapon X Mailbag: Where is Doug Pederson coaching in 2021?

Plus: are Eagles fans ungrateful?

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Oh I can’t take another heartache, though you say you’re my friend, I’m at my wit’s end...

I hate everything. Time for this week’s questions!

@NotThatGreene: Where do you think Doug coaches next year?

Good question. I’m of the opinion that Doug Pederson won’t be with the Eagles next year, as I’ve written previously here. A split is likely best for both parties (I lean towards thinking the same for Carson Wentz). Whether Howie Roseman is the one overseeing the coaching search is an entirely different matter, but for the sake of this exercise, I’ll say Pederson is fired at the season’s end.

My head immediately went to the Jets given that Adam Gase will be canned once their tankfest for Trevor Lawrence concludes. There’s an obvious connection here given that former Eagles executive Joe Douglas is now the general manager for the Jets. When dealing with maybe the best quarterback prospect in a decade though, I feel as if almost every organization would rather pair him with a young upstart in the Sean McVay mold (your Kliff Kingsburys, your Zac Taylors, etc.) than an older retread like Pederson, so let’s rule that out.

Same thing goes for the Jaguars and their likely draftee Justin Fields. The Jacksonville move feels a tad more intriguing because they need a huge cultural overhaul, but know what other team is in desperate need of that? The Lions. Detroit needs to wash away the stench of the Matt Patricia era. There’s already a great veteran quarterback in place in Matthew Stafford. The organization would drool over his championship and playoff pedigree.

Feels pretty fitting, right?

If Mike McCarthy is fired and Jerry Jones starts snooping around Doug, so help me, God...

I don’t even want to entertain that.

@weisband: is this the fastest a coach/GM combo have gone from winning the Super Bowl to being fired?

The Cowboys and Jimmy Johnson “agreed to part ways” less than two months after they won the Super Bowl in March 1994. Does that count?

The Giants “forced” Tom Coughlin to resign following the 2015 season. They had won the Super Bowl in 2011 (and in 2007) under Coughlin.

It’s wild that things have spiraled out of control so quickly, but it’s not entirely unprecedented when there’s huge organizational dysfunction. It just speaks to the system that Jeffrey Lurie has allowed Roseman to create.

@lilroomievert: Is their a better politician in America than Howie Roseman? Man has survived drafting a firefighter in the 1st, the 4-12 season, got a pay raise out of Chip Kelly getting him thrown in the equipment closet and got the job back anyway, JJAW over DK.

Roseman is living out George Costanza’s fantasy of doing absolutely nothing right and still being constantly rewarded. He’s the champion of the unqualified.

@Farabee_Hype: How disgusting have Eagles fans been on a scale of 1-10? Never seen a more ungrateful group of people after 3 straight playoff appearances and a Super Bowl. How many other fan bases would love that 3 year stretch?

Uh, a one? What, are we supposed to not give a damn that the team sucks and is increasingly embarrassing on a weekly basis? Roseman’s offseason plans have gotten worse and worse by year, culminating in a 2020 that already looks like a gigantic draft misfire.

Why would I not care about them being bad? Caring so much for so long through the bad times is what made winning the Super Bowl so rewarding!

Everyone can come back for the 20th anniversary pregame festivities in 2027 and have fun and we’ll salute them all, but the team being old, expensive and bad matters right now.

With this logic, where does it end? When am I allowed to complain? 2023? 2025? 2087? The powers that be have done Eagles fans a disservice, watching teams that have only gotten more repugnant in three consecutive seasons.

@ColinHumphreys: What’s one of your favorite under-the-radar-ish Eagles plays/moments? I always think of that Donovan play against GB in the 2003-04 playoffs that gets overshadowed by 4th and 26 where he broke out of a Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila sack and threw a game tying TD to Pinkston.

Among all the amazing moments in the Super Bowl, Nelson Agholor’s broken tackle first down in the second half stands out:

Guts. It’s a shame the Agholor situation ended as poorly as it did. He was so integral to their offensive success and just entertaining as hell to watch. It was fleeting.

That drive ends with Nick Foles’ miraculous touchdown toss to Corey Clement. If not for Agholor, that play never happens, nor does the Super Bowl parade.

@cjordnn: Why? Just why

It’s the birthright we’ve come to accept.

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