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Eagles fan confidence quadruples following Jalen Hurts’ first win

A spark, indeed.

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New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The last time we checked in on Eagles fan confidence via SB Nation Reacts polling, Philadelphia had the least confident base in the entire NFL. The Eagles were all the way down at 5%!

That figure has since more than quadrupled following Jalen Hurts’ first career NFL start, which happened to be a win over the New Orleans Saints.

It’s hardly like Eagles fans think everything is back on track and all problems have been solved. But there was enough encouragement to bring the Eagles up to 22%, which is their highest mark in about 1.5 months.

Visual form:

The Eagles are tied for 22% with the Chicago Bears. The only teams with lower confidence ratings:

Certainly not great company but the Eagles can continue to climb higher with another win this week.

At the same time, big picture questions and concerns remain. Eagles fans are left in a weird place right now. Our own polling data here at BGN shows a split between rooting for wins and draft positioning:

It’ll be pretty interesting to see how the Eagles fare in Hurts’ second start. Can the rookie build on last week’s encouraging performance? Or will the Cardinals figure him out and remind us all that the Eagles are a really bad team? The intrigue!

Speaking of Philly’s Week 15 opponent, Arizona fans are 11th in fan confidence rating after a whopping 50% increase (from 32% to 82%) following last week’s blowout win.

Elsewhere in the NFC East, it’s no surprise to see the division-leading Washington Football Team checks in at No. 1 with a 94% confidence rating. Ron Rivera’s team has won four straight.

It’ll be tough for Washington to win five in a row, though, with Alex Smith ruled out for this week’s matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Hard to take the team with Russell Wilson to lose to the team starting Dwayne Haskins.

The New York Giants saw a predictable dip after getting blown out in Week 14. They’re down from 94% to 72% with three games left to go.

Dallas Cowboys fan confidence increased from 24% to 30% following a blowout win over a bad Bengals team. No big takeaway to glean there as much as they beat a team that was even worse than they are.


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