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Eagles vs. Saints Week 14 live: Score updates, highlights, injury news, and more

Malcolm Jenkins returns to Philly.

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles are hosting the Saints on Sunday late-afternoon, including safety and former Philadelphia team leader Malcolm Jenkins. The veteran didn’t mince words earlier in the week about being underappreciated by the decision makers in Philly, and has been looking forward to returning home since this game was scheduled. (I’m guessing that’s going to be bad news for rookie QB Jalen Hurts who is making his first career start.)

We’ll be here with you live to endure what will likely be a massacre by the NFL’s No. 1 defense against a very young quarterback and offense. We’ll keep you posted with score updates, injury news, and any other exciting and frustrating things — I would be willing to bet there’s going to be a lot of frustrating things by and for the Eagles today.

Here’s goes nothing.

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